Back to School Supplies Price List

Here is the Back to School Supplies Price List for 2012! I have received a lot of emails over the last week or 2 asking for a list of prices for Back to School items so I’ve put together a list of current Walmart Retail Prices along with prices you can expect to see over the next few weeks!

You can download and print the PDF Version of the School Supplies Price List.

There are 3 prices listed on the School Supplies Price List:

  • Retail Prices – These are the current Walmart Retail Prices on these items. If you were to walk into Walmart you could find these items at this price, so this is our starting point and baseline, there is no need to pay more than this price at another store when you can pick it up at Walmart for the retail price, so use this list as your baseline.
  • Buy Prices – We should see almost all items hit the buy price over the next few weeks so start watching for the items your kids need and picking them up when they hit the buy price or lower.
  • Stockpile Prices – This is a low price on each item. You may find the items cheaper on loss leaders, but if you find these prices I would suggest going ahead and buying what you need so you don’t end up paying more after the sale is over.

Each Week I will be posting the best Back to School Deals and you will be able to find a full list of deals each week on the Back to School 2012 Round Up Page.