Ways to Use Overripe Bananas

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¬†So there was a great sale on bananas so you stocked up, but no one was in a “banana mood” that week. ¬†Does that happen in your house? ¬†Or the plans you had to stick them in the kids lunches all week didn’t happen because they stayed home sick. ¬†For whatever reason, you have some overripe bananas laying around the house.

Find out ways to use overripe bananas so they won’t go to waste.

1) Freeze the bananas and use them in place of ice in a smoothie.  An overripe banana once frozen will taste just as good when blended up in your smoothie.  Just use in place of ice in your regular recipe.

2) Use to make a Banana Sugar Scrub¬†that can be used on both your face and your body! ¬†Use as a quick facial, rubbing all over your face, but avoiding the eye area, and then just rinse off. ¬†Or apply over your entire body before getting in the shower and rub it into your skin, then let the shower rinse it off. ¬†You may actually want to get into the shower before you apply so the mess doesn’t end up on your floor.

3) If you have rose bushes, this one is for you. Rose experts say that if you puree an overripe banana with a little water and bury around the base of the plant that the blooms will be even bigger.

4) Use in a similar way to boost your house plants.  Put the overripe peels in a jar and fill with water.  Use the water to water your house plants.  Give plants a little boost.  You can keep adding water to your banana peels.

5) And of course there are tons or recipes that call for overripe bananas.  Probably the most common one is Banana Bread.  Or make a peanut butter and banana sandwich!  

So next time you find yourself with some overripe bananas, don’t toss them. ¬†Put them to good use.

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