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Are you looking to save money, save time or maybe just save your sanity? Well you’ve come to the right place! My name is Heather Schisler and I’m a busy mom of 3 who loves to save money but not if it means sacrificing a lot of time. If you are into Extreme Couponing you can print coupons here + we post the best new in store deals each day. If that’s not your thing then check out our post on How to Save Money without using coupons,  you might find a few tips that will fit into your busy routine.

Our goal is to make Saving Money EASY, we want to save you time and help you make good informed decisions so you have more time to spend on the things that are important to you! Check out our Videos and our You Tube Page to get started!

You can save money on everything from Toothpaste to Designer Jeans and if you follow us daily you’ll see deals on just about anything and everything your family needs! We also have great money saving tips every day that you don’t want to miss! Everything from Freezer Meal Ideas to Free Printable Chore Charts for Kids that will help simplify your life and save your sanity because savings is about more than just Saving Money it’s a lifestyle!

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Back to School College Savings Strategies

saving strategies college

Do you know someone who is headed Back to College this week? I live in a College town and our stores are full of Kids (And their parents) Stocking up on essentials and filling their dorm rooms and apartments for the start of a new year. Schick challenged us to share our best back to school tips with you and I’ve got some fun Back to School College Savings Hacks to help you save your time, money and your sanity!

Back to School College Savings Strategies

1. Stockpile Necessities Before you arrive on Campus

The prices of basic items are inflated if you buy them on campus, You can make a simple trip to Walmart and pick up all the necessities you need before you head back to school. Having a nice stockpile of essentials like these Schick Disposable Razors  and other necessities that will last you through the semester will help you avoid paying higher prices on campus.

Schick Hydro 5 Disposables

Space Saving Tip – If you stock up and have multiple packages then take the time to open up the packaging and place items like  disposable razors in a plastic bag to reduce the amount of space needed for storing! 

2. Take Advantage of Freebies

Did you know Starbucks offers FREE Refills of Brewed or Iced Coffee or Tea Beverages regardless of the original beverage you purchased as long as you stay in the store. Spend your studying hours at Starbucks and take advantage of these Unlimited refills on the same visit.  You can get the details here. 

ScreenHunter_55 Aug. 19 15.33
Schick Disposables is sponsoring this awesome giveaway which could earn you FREE money to put towards your college tuition – that is $10,000 for 4 Grand Prize Winners. You can also win more awesome prizes!

ScreenHunter_58 Aug. 27 14.07
3. Keep Snacks in your Backpack

Resist the urge to buy snacks from vending machines and college campus stores, the prices are always inflated. If you stock up off campus at your local Walmart and just keep your backpack filled with a few of your favorite snacks you’ll really start to see the savings add up.

4. Rent Textbooks & eBooks

Skip the high prices at your local campus bookstore and Rent your Text Books or eBooks. You can rent textbooks from the Amazon App and it’s simple and much more efficient + you won’t have to carry around all those heavy books in your backpack. Check out some of the cool features included with eTextbooks here.

5. Get a Debit Card & Skip the Credit Cards

The average college student leaves college with over $3,000 in Credit Card debt. Start life after college with a blank slate by using a Debit Card instead of a Credit Card, this forces you to be more responsible with your money and helps keep you from spending money you don’t have. You’ll thank me in 4 years when you come out of college without the additional burden of credit card debt.

6. Find a Bank with ATM’s Located on Campus

Check with your local bank and make sure that there are ATM’s that you can use Fee-Free located on your college campus or near by. The last thing you want to do is rack up tons of ATM fees for taking money out of a different bank’s machine. If you’re from out of state it might be worth the trouble to set up a new Free Checking Account at a local bank just to have access to your money fee-free. Look for a bank near campus, they often offer Fee-Free Checking for Students and other perks that you might not find at another location.

7. Rotate Cooking Responsibilities with your Roommates

If you live off campus set up a cooking schedule with your roommates and take turns cooking dinner. Often times it’s hard to cook for just 1 person so if you take turns cooking for everyone then you’ll save money because you’ll be buying less food each week. Cooking at home is also MUCH CHEAPER than eating out every meal so it’s a great way to save big over the course of the year.

8. Use an App to Keep up with Bills

Use an app like Bill Monitor to help you track your bills and when they are due. This app will alert you when your bills are going to be due and help remind you to pay them on time so you can avoid all those hefty late fees that add up fast.

9. Skip the Gym Membership 

Most college campuses have a Fitness Center or Fitness Classes that you can take. You can use these classes in place of the traditional Gym Membership to save on Monthly Fees.

10. FREE Amazon Prime Memberships

Did you know you can get 6 months of Amazon Prime for Free and then get Half Price Memberships after your Free Trial? It’s an awesome deal and a great way to save on everything you need.

11. Ditch Netflix & Cable

If you’re paying monthly for Netflix and Cable consider switching to less expensive services. You can get Amazon Prime Instant Videos free with your Amazon Prime Account. This is half price for students and there’s a FREE 6 month Trial! A Year Membership is only $49 which works out to just $4.08 per month! Much less than Cable or Netflix.

12. Attend On Campus Events! 

I can’t tell you how many meals I ate for Free just by keeping up with the Campus Calendar. There were often Free Lunches at our school union when organizations were promoting or celebrating different events. These are a great time to connect with other students and save a little on eating out so pay attention to those Campus Calendars and Flyers for details and dates.

13. Earn Extra Cash On Campus

There are often research studies, experiments, & surveys on college campuses that pay participants involved for their time. I used to take these Food Taste Test surveys on campus that paid between $20-$40 for tasting and giving feedback on new recipes. Basically I got a Free Lunch and got paid for my time to complete surveys and share my opinions on which items I liked the best! It was super simple and actually a lot of fun.

14. Print at the Library or Computer Center

Chances are you’re already paying hefty printing and computer center fees included in your college tuition. Make sure you resist the urge to print things at home because Ink and Paper can be expensive.  Use your campus computer centers and print what you can since you’re technically already paying for it.

15. Don’t Stop Applying for Scholarships

Just because you’re already in college doesn’t mean your chance to apply for Scholarships is over. In fact there are some scholarships only available to upperclassmen so make sure you keep applying because every dollar matters and even those smaller scholarships really add up.

The ideas for saving at college are really limitless, most of the high costs of campus living are associated with conveniences, by stockpiling items when you’re off campus, planning ahead & taking advantage of discounts and freebies you can really get the most out of your college experience without spending a fortune!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Schick®. The opinions and text are all mine.


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2 Deals on Tide Detergent | As low as $3.77!

Deals on Tide Detergent

Tide Detergent CouponsGo

Need Tide Coupons? There are a bunch of Tide Printable Coupons you can print or there will be some new ones in the 8/30 P&G Inserts that make 2 awesome upcoming Deals on Tide Detergent!

$2.00 off ONE Tide OXI Stain Remover

$1.50 off ONE Tide Boost

$0.75 off ONE Tide Detergent 37oz or larger

$0.65 off ONE Tide To Go Pen

$1.00 off ONE Tide Washing Machine Cleaner

$3.00 off ONE Tide PODS 31ct or larger

CVS will have the 24 to 32 load Tide for $5.94 and you will get $3 Extra Care Bucks when you spend $12.

If you buy 3 and use 1 of the $3/3 Tide Detergent Coupons that will be in the 8/30 P&G, you will pay $14.82 out of pocket and get back a $3 ECB which is like paying $11.82 for 3.

That is only $3.94 per bottle! GREAT price on Tide!

Tide Detergent 24 – 32 loads-$5.94
Spend $12, Get $3 Extra Care Bucks (Limit 1)
$3/3 Tide Detergents or Downy Products, exp. 9/26/15 (P&G 08/30/15)
$1/1 Tide Detergent, exp. 9/26/15 (P&G 08/30/15)
$0.75/1 Tide Detergent printable
$3.94 ea. wyb 3 after coupons and ECB! ♥

Rite Aid will also have the 24 to 32 load Tide for $5.94 and you will get 700 Plenti Points when you spend $30.

If you buy 6 and use 2 of the $3/3 Tide Detergent Coupons from the 8/30 P&G, you will pay $29.64 out of pocket and get back $7 in Points which is like paying $22.64 for 6.

Just $3.77 each!

Tide Detergent 24 – 32 loads-$5.94
Spend $30, Get 700 Points (Limit 1)
$3/3 Tide Detergents or Downy Products, exp. 9/26/15 (P&G 08/30/15)
$1/1 Tide Detergent, exp. 9/26/15 (P&G 08/30/15)
$0.75/1 Tide Detergent printable
$3.77 ea. wyb 6 after coupons and Points! ♥


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Purex Detergent under $0.04 per oz. at CVS-No Coupons Needed!

Purex Detergent

You won’t even need any Purex Coupons to get Purex Detergent for $1.99 per bottle at CVS this week!


CVS has the 50 oz. bottles for $1.99 on sale this week! That’s it! Just buy a bottle and it is only $1.99 which makes it under $0.04 per oz. and that is my stock up price :)

Make sure you check out the CVS Deals Page to see all of the CVS Deals going on this week!

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Back to School Lunch Idea | Tyson® Fun Nuggets

**This is a sponsored post for Tyson®**

Are your kids back in school? Are you having any trouble thinking of something new to send in their lunch? I had a really hard time last year trying to find things to send in my kid’s lunch every day when they went to school. Thankfully, they love Chicken.

Tyson Fun Nuggets School Lunch Shopping List
Last night I ran to Walmart to grab a few must-haves for our school week. This week that included a few of our families favorite fruits and Tyson® Fun Nuggets for my kid’s school lunches or a quick evening meal for the kids.

Some of you might wonder how we keep the Tyson® Fun Nuggets hot until lunch. Here’s a simple solution that really works!

10 Easy Steps to Keeping Tyson® Fun Nuggets hot until lunch

Prepping Tyson Fun Nuggets for School Lunch

1. Buy a Thermos container that keeps hot things hot
2. Buy Tyson® Fun Nuggets at your local Walmart
3. Boil about 1 cup of water in the microwave
4. Bake your Tyson® Fun Nuggets in the oven
5. Carefully pour the boiling water into the Thermos and put the lid on (Keep the water in the Thermos while the nuggets are cooking in the oven)
6. After the Nuggets are done cooking, take them out of the oven
7. Quickly dump the hot water out of the thermos and dry it out (carefully because it’s hot)
8. Put half a paper towel in the bottom of the Thermos
9. Place the nuggets on top of the paper towel (this keeps the nuggets from getting too soggy)
10. Pack them up and send off to school. Your child can still have warm nuggets by lunchtime!

Tyson Fun Nuggets Thermos Lunchbox

Thanks to Tyson® for the cool Dinosaur nuggets too! Anything more kid friendly helps around my house :)

Why do I buy Tyson® Fun Nuggets? My kids love the way they taste and I can quickly get a meal with Protein on the table on a busy evening or in my child’s lunchbox and feel good about it! Plus, they’re easy for me to grab while shopping at Walmart.

Tyson Fun Nuggets

Features of Tyson® Fun Nuggets

* 100% natural ingredients
* Simple preparation
* Crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside
* Fun to eat!

ScreenHunter_58 Aug. 26 13.50
Another reason I buy the Tyson® Fun Nuggets is because they are part of the  Tyson® Project A+™ program

By purchasing products included in the Tyson Project A+™ you can help your school! Tyson® gives your school 24 cents for every label you submit and your school can use the money for whatever it needs! This is awesome! I just looked at one of our local schools and they had already raised $307.20! I hope you’ll join me and Support your local School through the Tyson Project A+™.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Tyson. The opinions and text are all mine.

Posted by This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our Disclosure Policy.

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