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CVS Ad Preview 08/24/14

Cvs Ad Preview

Here is next week’s CVS Ad Preview! Make sure you have printed out all of the coupons today to get these deals next week because they may not be available to print anymore on Sunday! Make sure you have an Extra Care Card which you can download Digital Coupons at the ExtraCare Coupon Center online on and it also will get you rewards at CVS. CVS has a new Mobile App that you can download and use it like your ExtraCare Card!

Check out all the CVS deals and shopping info at our CVS Store Page!


If you need help learning how to use and get Extra Care Bucks at CVS, check out my Extreme Couponing Lesson on How To Shop at CVS stores!

Make sure you check out the CVS Deals Page to see all of the CVS Deals going on this week!

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Rite Aid Ad Preview 08/24/14

Rite Aid Ad Preview

Here is this week’s Rite Aid Ad Preview that starts on 08/24! These deals will get you ready for the great savings you can snag next week at Rite Aid, so get your coupons prepared and printed out so that you don’t miss a single deal! Rite Aid Coupons can be printed off and stacked at the store along with Manufacturer’s Coupons when you watch the Rite Aid Video Values videos online. You can use up to 4 identical coupons for as many items. These coupons change monthly.

Check out our Rite Aid Store Page for Deals, Coupons, and Shopping information for Rite Aid!


If you are new to shopping at Rite Aid and you are confused by the lingo or the +Up Rewards or Single Check Rebate Deals you find in this Rite Aid Ad Preview, check out my Extreme Couponing Lesson on How to Shop at Rite Aid!
Don’t forget to get all the best Printable Coupons today, check out our Printable Coupons Page!

Make sure you check out the Rite Aid Deals Page to see all of the Rite Aid Deals going on this week!

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Lemon Slice Ice Cubes

lemon slice ice cubes

For a fun new treat this summer, you will want to try these Lemon Slice Ice Cubes!

If you know me, you know that I LOVE a great glass of iced tea, especially in the summer. I found a new way to enjoy my tea this summer – with Lemon Slice Ice Cubes! They are so easy to make and they add a lot to your drink. Even when the ice melts and you are left with some awesome lemon slices in your tea! Plus, when I’m having guests I love the way these look in the tea pitcher.

lemon slice ice cubes

 What You Need:

>> Lemons
>> Water
>> Cupcake Tin or Ice Cube Tray

What You Do:

Making these great ice cubes is easy. You can either slice up a lemon and add a slice to each section of a cupcake tin. Or you can cut them up into smaller pieces and add one or two to each hole of an ice cube tray.

Then just freeze and serve.

The container you choose to freeze them in will somewhat be determined by the size of your glass or pitcher. The cupcake tin will only work in a pitcher with a wide mouth. Wide mouth mason jars work great too!

This works with just about anything you like to put in your water. Make some ice cubes with lemon and mint. Or add lime slices instead. Berry ice cubes taste delicious in a glass of tea. You lemon ice cubes also will be wonderful in a pitcher of lemonade.

lemon slice ice cubes

I’m thinking some strawberry ice cubes will be perfect for my Southern Sweet Strawberry Tea recipe!

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7 Ways to Save Money Shopping at Aldi’s Stores

ways to save money shopping at aldi stores

7 Ways to Save Money Shopping at Aldi’s Stores

I get a lot of emails and comments from readers who want to save money but don’t want to put the time into using coupons, or feel that coupons aren’t for the items they buy. In general I always urge people to find the method of savings that works for them! There are SO MANY ways you can save money and don’t feel that just because coupons don’t work for you that you can’t save money, It’s possible no matter what method or how much time you have.

There are seasons in my life where I’ll be honest I struggle to keep up with couponing. When we’ve had new babies in our house, or been moving houses, or it’s the Busy Holiday Season I sometimes just want to throw my coupons out the window :) So I’ve learned over the years to give myself grace, eat from our pantry and go to Aldi’s :)

Aldi Kids 2

If you have an Aldi’s store near you then make sure you check it out because they have added some great new products over the last year and it’s one of my favorite ways to save without using coupons. When I know life is crazy, I just need to pick up some basics and I don’t want to spend a lot of time or money this is my go to store!


Aldi Kids Snacks

Here are a few ways you can save money at Aldi’s!

1. Check out their Snacks and Treats for Kids!

Those per-packaged goods you can buy at the grocery store are expensive. Aldi’s carries some great options of Nuts, Chips, Fruit Pouches, Apple Sauce and more! You can re-package these larger containers into smaller ones at home, or you can buy the pre-packaged items from Aldi’s. The prices on these are still high in my opinion :) But if you need the convenience it’s still less than going to the grocery stores so it’s a great option for school lunch boxes and after school snacks.

Aldi Organic

2. Buy Organic Items and All Natural Items at Aldi.

A lot of people don’t realize that Aldi Stores actually carry a good selection of Organic Items. You can find items like Organic Honey, Organic Chips and more! While not every item is organic there are some great options including Organic Produce that you can buy. This is also a great way to save on Healthy Items, I know a lot of Natural Food Stores have higher prices so it’s nice to be able to get the less expensive options when you can.

Aldi Gluten Free

3. Purchase Live GFree Products for Gluten Free Options.

Another new product line at Aldi is the Live Gfree line, you can find a few different options in Gluten Free Mixes. These are so expensive in normal stores so this is a great way to save a little money while still following a gluten free diet.


Aldi Produce

4. Buy Fresh Fruits and Vegetables at Aldi’s.

One of my absolute favorite things to buy at Aldi’s is Fresh Fruits and Vegetables. I love that I can stock up on foods my family loves and eats a ton of at a discount. The prices in our area are very reasonable and in season produce is always about 50% of what I would pay at Walmart. You do have to watch the quality sometimes, but I find if you can ask an associate what days they put out fresh fruits and vegetables and shop those days you’ll find a much better selection.


Aldi Milk and Eggs

5. Buy Milk, Eggs and Cheese.

Our Aldi’s has great prices on Dairy Items. Things like Milk, Butter, Sour Cream, Eggs, Cheese, etc. are always lower than any of our other stores. These are basics that I use a lot because I like to cook from scratch so having these essentials at a reasonable price is important to me. I know I can almost always get these items for less than sale prices at retail stores. For example, eggs were only 90¢ a dozen the last time I was at my Aldi, that’s less than the 99¢ sale price I get at Walgreens on occasion. So knowing I can get that sale price all the time makes me a happy shopper!

6. Buy Canned Vegetables and Beans.

I love to stock up on Canned Vegetables during the holiday season when they drop to their lowest prices all year, but the rest of the year I always purchase my canned vegetables, beans, tomatoes and fruit at Aldi. I know I can get canned beans or vegetables for around 59¢ a can which is less than the Walmart Great Value price so I stock up each time I’m in Aldi. Things like Chili, Taco Soup and other soups and stews are a lot less expensive when you get a good deal on Canned items.

7. Buy Bread, Buns and Baked Goods

I also love shopping at Aldi for things like Hamburger Buns, Hot Dog Buns and Bread. You can find a great selection of breads and baked goods that are Fresh and available at great prices. Since this is one of the few items you can’t stockpile very easily it’s nice to have a consistent low price source.

One Quick Note: There are a few things I don’t recommend buying at Aldi. Those mainly include Name Brand Items, Household Goods and Candy. I find that Name Brand Items that are carried normally in the store are priced much higher per ounce than in stores like Walmart or Target, I also like to stockpile household goods so I rarely need those on a weekly basis and I can stock up when I find a sale easily. Candy is another item I normally purchase on sale at the Drugstores, Aldi’s prices are typically on smaller size bags and the per unit prices aren’t normally cheaper than buying on sale at a drugstore.

What items do you love to buy at Aldi? Leave a comment and let me know!

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