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Amazon Subscribe and Save Program Details have changed recently and I wanted to share quickly how you can save more with the new changes.

I thought it might be helpful if I ran down the changes in the program and the benefits and disadvantages to the program. Keep in mind this is still new to me and I’m going to give you as much information as I can but we’re all adjusting to the new changes and learning together :)

How to Use Subscribe and Save

Amazon Subscribe and Save is an auto renewal service, when you sign up you can choose your delivery period, I always choose 6 months which gives me plenty of time to decide if I want to receive the shipment again, or if you want to cancel you can go into “My Account” and click on “Manage Subscribe and Save” Click on the cancel button next to the subscription to avoid future shipments. You can do this anytime after your order arrives.


Amazon Subscribe and Save Monthly Shipments

One of the first changes you’ll notice on Amazon is that Subscribe and Save Shipments no longer ship in 3-5 days, they now ship monthly. That means you have a Monthly Day and every month on that day all of the Subscribe and Save Items you ordered will ship together.

This is good because it allows you to track how many items you are getting each month (Which will be important when we cover the next change) But the down side is when you need Paper Towels, Diapers, Etc. Right Now you may have to wait for your shipment depending on the time of the month.Subscribe and Save

For example my Day of the Month is the 6th of the Month, so Every Month on the 6th my orders ship. Amazon will tell you when an order will arrive and which month it qualifies for. So for example I just placed an order and it said it would ship on May 6th, that is over a month away.

Amazon Subscribe and Save 5% & Additional 15% Discounts

Probably my favorite change is the return of 15% subscribe and save discounts. If you have been using subscribe and save a long time you probably remember when all the discounts were 15% off. When they dropped the discount to 5% I really didn’t feel Amazon’s prices were as low as I could get other places. Recently they brought back the 15% discount but with a few stipulations.

You can save 5% off any Subscribe and Save Item (This is the price you will see at Checkout)

When you Order 5 or more Items in a Month you will save an additional 15% off the purchase price!

Since items ship all at once now, it’s easier to keep up with how many items you are ordering each month. Once your monthly shipments go out you can still cancel your subscribe and save shipments without any obligation to make any future purchases so it’s a really great deal because the 20% discount starts to add up!

The trick now is to pay attention to how many items are shipping each month.


When you place an order it will tell you how many more subscriptions you need to reach the 15% level. It will also tell you what your discount is for the next month. So you might want to order all your items in one month to get the larger discount, or if you see you have already reached the 20% level, add any additional items you might want before your order ships.

Please Note: Diapers do not qualify for the additional %, they are still 5% for non-prime members and 20% for prime/Amazon Mom Members. Diapers Do count towards the 5 item total.

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