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Some would say that the best places to shop on Black Friday are the ones with the rock bottom prices. And while this is true, you should also remember that the best places to shop on Black Friday are also the ones where you can score some bonus perks, a free breakfast perhaps, or maybe even shop in a less crowded and calm environment. If you are wondering where some of the best places to shop on Black Friday are, take a look below at some helpful suggestions. These suggestions can help you best plan your shopping strategy and create a Black Friday shopping experience that saves you time, money, and stress.

The Best Places to Shop on Black Friday

1. Boutiques
Small clothing, toy, and home good boutiques are great for shopping on Black Friday since they are typically smaller and less crowded. They usually still offer good deals, specials, and a more personalized shopping experience. You may even be able to find free coffee and pastries!

Amazon is famous for running hot Black Friday specials, well ahead of most of the Cyber Monday deals. For most orders when you spend $35 you can enjoy free shipping, plus this is a great time to redeem those Amazon gift cards you may have earned through the year with My Points, Swagbucks, and other survey websites. Visit Amazon from the comfort of your couch on Black Friday and see what you can find. Passsion For Savings covers all the best Online Black Friday Deals all week long, some of these deals even start BEFORE Black Friday on Thanksgiving Day and the days leading up to Thanksgiving.

3. Restaurants and Cafes
You can kill two birds with one store here! You can grab a quick latte for yourself and snag some gift cards in the process. Gift cards are a great gift that people love to receive, so swing by your favorite eatery to grab a few. You can even drive through many fast food restaurants to buy some, not even requiring you to get out of your car!

4. Ebay
Why not bid or use the buy it now option at to get some excellent gifts? Check out eBay for new gifts perfect for the holiday season. You can place a bid and take your chances or visit one of the thousands of online stores sellers offer. The best part? You can shop without even putting your shoes one or ever waiting in line!

5. Shopping centers.
Shopping centers are nice because there is typically ample parking, lots of outdoor walkway, and a variety of stores. This allows you to jump from store to store easily without battling a mall like atmosphere and without having to drive a great deal. Find a local shopping center in your area that has a variety of clothing, home goods, and toy stores and plan on stopping by.

6. Specialty Stores
Sure you can battle the crowds at Best Buy, but why not find a smaller specialty store and see what deals they are offering? Sure you can get elbowed and pushed around at Bath and Body Works, but why not find a local soap maker and see what she is whipping up for the holidays? Shop smaller specialty stores or weekend farmer’s markets to find great prices on all of the treasures you are looking for. Most of these stores also run Black Friday Specials that are great discounts in order to compete with the larger retail stores.

7. Visit your local antique shops.
If you are looking for a unique, one of a kind gift, why not peruse your local antique shops? You are sure to find smaller crowds, a personal shopping experience, and a calm environment. Plus, most will let you bargain with them on the prices and gift discounts for cash…just ask!

You don’t have to settle for a crowded, hot, over priced mall experience on Black Friday if you don’t want to. You can easily find all of the products you need at a great price and with less stress when you give these tips a try.

Happy shopping!

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