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Extreme Couponing Strategy #8 – Using More than One Coupon

One of the most confusing things to anyone new to the world of extreme couponing is tying to figure out exactly how many coupons you can use. This has also gotten more complicated over the last few years since every store now has a different policy regarding stacking coupons. Luckily the Manufacturer Rules for using coupons are not near as complicated!


Limit 1 per Purchase – This is the most confusing part of a manufacturer coupon. Most Manufacturer coupons contain the words “Limit 1 per purchase” or “Limit 1 Coupon Per Purchase” What this means is that you can use 1 coupon per item you are purchasing. So if I am “Purchasing” 3 items I can use 3 Coupons.

There’s a little catch to this, which really makes a lot of sense if you stop and think about it. See that text that says “on Product/Quantity Specified” That means that if your coupon is for $1 off 2 items then you must purchase 2 items to use 1 coupon. So it looks like this:

Buy 2 – M&M’s Candy bags, $2.50 each
Use 2 – $1 off 1 M&M Coupons (1 per every 1 item purchased)
OR You could use 1 – $1 off 2 M&M Coupons (1 per every 2 items purchased)

Honestly I find this the most confusing not for people using coupons but for store cashiers, they often read 1 per purchase to mean you can only use one coupon for that item for your entire transaction, not one coupon for each item purchased.

Also, keep in mind this only addresses Manufacturer Coupons, not the Stacking of Store Coupons which I covered Here.

Limit 4 Per Person Per Day – Some coupons now have limits on them. Unilever Brand Products and Proctor & Gamble Brand Products are the 2 most common brands that limit the number of items you can purchase. Most P&G Brand Coupons now have a limit of 4 like coupons, per person, per day. These still say a Limit of 1 per purchase, but you are then limited to 4 total for all of your transactions that day. This is something to pay attention to when you are checking your coupons and working out your scenarios.

Cannot Be Combined With Any Other Coupons – This is also new wording on some coupons, most manufacturers are making it known that they don’t want you using multiple manufacturer coupons on the same items. I addressed this briefly in the post I did on using Buy 1 Get 1 Free Coupons. You cannot use a B1G1 Free Coupon + a $1/1 Coupon on the item you are buying. Some stores allow this in the coupon policy still (But it’s VERY VERY RARE) But most manufacturers are adding this wording to coupons.

Don’t Forget: You can Download the Stockpiling Price Sheet to see all of the estimated prices you could expect to pay for the basic items we buy each month. There is also a place to compare unit pricing. This is just a guide, but a great way to help you learn the prices of each item.

Tomorrow we will be talking about another strategy for getting the most out of your coupons!

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