How Many Register Rewards Can You Use

One of the questions I get a lot when I post Walgreens deals is:

How Many Register Rewards can I get?

I know this question might seem basic to some people who have been shopping at Walgreens for a while, but for Newbie Couponers Walgreens can be very confusing and I know this question often comes up!

Walgreens Ad Says that Register Rewards are Limit 1 per Person. So the natural question that follows is Can I buy more than 1 Register Reward Deal?

The answer is 2 Fold so I’m going to answer this in 2 sections hopefully you will catch the difference:

1) You can Only Buy 1 Of Each Register Reward Deal Per Transaction!

For each Register Reward Deal listed in the ad you can purchase 1 per transaction. That means that in the deal above. The Listerine Mouth Wash and Listerine Pocket Packs are the same deal. So you can purchase 1. Either the Listerine Mouth Wash or the Pocket Packs. If you want to purchase both Items you need to do this in separate transactions. If you purchase both items together only the first register reward will print since there is a limit of 1 per transaction.

2) You can Buy Multiple Register Reward Deals in the Same Transaction!

This simply means that if there is more than one deal in the ad that you want to take advantage of then you can do these deals in the same transaction without problem. So for example you would be fine purchasing 1 of the Listerine items and 1 Aussie Hair Care Item in the same transaction. Both Register Rewards should print just fine. So the general rule of thumb is you can buy more than one Register Reward Deal as long as it’s not multiples of the Same deal!

Hopefully that clears things up a little! Be sure to leave a comment and let me know what other questions you have and I’ll answer those in future posts!


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