Walmarts Price Match Policy 2012

I recently got a few great questions regarding Price Matching at Walmart. I wanted to help you Understand the Walmart Price Match Policy as it’s listed on the Walmart website.

Here is the question I received:

Can you tell me a few things about price matching. First, can you price match a store in a different state than you or is it only local ads? Second, how do you price match items that do not give a specific brand or amount…..such as fruit?!

These are both great questions that come up frequently in my email so I thought I would go ahead and address them for everyone who might be wondering the same thing!

First, Here are the three guidelines listed in the Walmart Ad Match Guarantee and posted on the website.

  1. We will match any local competitor’s advertised price.
  2. We do not require customers to have the ad with them to honor a competitor’s ad.
  3. Items Purchased must be identical to the ad size, quantity, brand, flavor, color, etc.

Now, to answer the questions outlined above.

Can you Price Match a Store in a Different State?

The answer is basically no. Walmart will only match the prices of any local competitor’s advertised price. Each Walmart Decides what they consider a competitor so if you are wondering about a specific store I would suggest calling the customer service department at your local store to see if they will match those ads.

A great example of this is CVS or Rite Aid. There are no CVS Stores in Arkansas, the closest one to me would be 2 hours away in Tulsa, OK. So while the Tulsa, OK Walmart Stores would probably match the prices in the CVS stores, I can’t expect my local Walmart which is 2 hours away to honor those same prices because they are not a local competitor.

How do you Price Match Items that Do Not Give a Specific Brand or Amount?

Walmart requires that the ad you are matching list a Specific Item and Price. So if an ad lists an item at 50% off Walmart will not price match that since there is no competitor price listed. Additionally if it Scotch Tape is $0.99 and no size is listed Walmart will also not price match that item because the store may be selling a 30 ft. roll when Walmart only has a 60 ft. roll. So you need three thing to price match an item

1) The Item Description (Brand, Flavor, Color)

2) The Item Size and

3) the Items Price.

How do you Price Match Produce & Meat

Walmart specifically addresses Price Matching Produce and Meat in the Ad Match Policy. They will price match Produce when it’s offered in the same unit type. For Example, if Aldi’s has a 4 lb. Bag of Oranges on Sale for $1.48 and Walmart sells a 4 lb. Bag of Oranges you can Price Match that Item.

However, where this often gets tricky is if let’s say for example that Aldi’s has a 3 Pack of Green Peppers for $1.48 and Walmart only sells Individual Green Peppers for $0.68 each. Walmart will not price match this item because they are not in the same unit type.

So the trick with Produce is to figure out exactly which items match up, since Walmart doesn’t change their produce selection very often this typically is easier the longer you’ve been price matching but you might want to bring your ad to Walmart with you to compare sizes just to be on the safe side.

There is also a great List of Items Walmart Will Not Price Match in the Ad Match Policy, here are just a few of those items not included in the Ad Match Guarantee:

  • Items that Require a Separate Purchase (Example, Buy X to get X for this price)
  • Items with No Actual Price that require a Purchase to get Free Product (Example: Buy 2 Cereal and get Free Milk)
  • Items that require a Purchase to get a Competitor Gift Card
  • Buy 1 Get 1 Free with No Price Given
  • Closeout Prices (Some stores include  Big Lots in this Category)
  • Private Label or Store Brand Items

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