Double Coupons

Double Coupons can be a really confusing topic when it comes to Extreme Couponing so I wanted to quickly explain how you figure out which stores double and how it works!

When you first hear the term “Double Coupons” You can think several things… First would be that you’re getting double the value for your coupon, the second would be that you are getting to use double the number of coupons. I’m going to try to clear all this up for you :)

How to Double Coupons

Doubling Coupons is not something you can actually do, it’s something your local grocery stores may or may not offer as a way to bring in additional business. Typically when a Store Doubles Coupons they will give you Twice the Value of the Coupon. So you’re saving $0.50 for using your Coupon on Granola Bars and the store is giving you an additional $0.50 savings when they offer to “Double the Value of the Coupon”.

Here’s how this looks at my local store:

Buy Nature Valley Granola Bars, $2.50

My Harps Food Stores double to $0.50, that means they double any coupon with a value up to and including $0.50 which means I save $1 :)

Nature Valley Granola Bars, $2.50
-$0.50/1 Manufacturer Coupon
-$0.50/1 Store Double Coupon
Pay only $1.50!

So the Double Coupon Savings automatically comes off at the checkout. You don’t have to do anything except know exactly which stores double and to what amount!

Does My Local Store Double Coupons?

The easiest and quickest way to find out if your local store doubles coupons is to pick up the phone and call your store. Often Online Coupon Policies will also mention Double Coupons but even with a national policy this can change from store to store so checking with your local stores customer service desk is the quickest and easiest way to figure out the policy. You can also check out our list of Grocery Store Deals to find your stores Coupon Policy.

Can I use 2 Coupons with Double Coupons?

This is the most confusing use of the word double coupons, I have had several people recently think that they could get 2 coupons that are exactly the same and use both coupons on 1 item if their stores offer Double Coupons. This is an incorrect use, you cannot ever use 2 Manufacturer Coupons on the same item even if your store allows Double Coupons. However, if your store is doubling coupons, you’re saving twice the value for your 1 coupon and you can hang on to the second coupon for a future sale. Or buy a second product and use that second coupon on the second product.

What about Store Coupons?

Most stores do not Double Store Coupons, Typically double coupons do not double store coupons. However, you can typically stack a store coupon with a Manufacturer Coupon which is similar. Here’s how that would look:

Target sells Granola Bars for $2.50
Use a $0.50/1 Manufacturer Coupon
Use a $0.50/1 Store Coupon
Pay $1.50 after Stacked Coupons!

So the store coupon is used in addition to the manufacturer coupon as another way of saving twice as much money!

Hopefully that gives you a better understanding of the term, Double coupons are a great way to save money, so make sure you check with all of your local stores to see who offers double coupons and don’t forget to ask what the Values are.


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