Peelie Coupons

Understanding “Coupon Lingo” can be complicated for new couponers and experienced couponers. One of the terms often thrown around is a “Peelie” Coupon. These are the coupons that are attached to products in stores, You “Peel” them off the product and redeem them in stores.

Here are a few tips for using “Peelie” Coupons:

  • Read the Fine Print – Some Peelie Coupons have Expiration Dates that may be expired if the store has had the product on the shelf a long time. Others may require a purchase of another item in order to use the coupon. I always read the fine print before I put an item in my cart so I don’t run into problems at the checkout.
  • Manufacturer Vs. Store Coupons – One of the things to watch for is checking to see if the coupon is a Manufacturer or Store Coupon. Target often has Peelies for Store Coupons and in other instances they are Manufacturer Coupons so always check. If it’s a store coupon it should be able to be stacked with a Manufacturer Coupon so this is a great way to grab additional savings on the product.
  • Don’t take the Peelie’s ;) This is a common curtsey but the coupons are intended to be used on those products, if you aren’t going to purchase the product right now leave the coupon for the next shopper, don’t take peelies off the products if you’re not purchasing that item.

Keeping your eyes out for In Store Coupons is a great way to save on items that you might not currently have a coupon for. One word of caution, sometimes Peelie Coupons aren’t a better deal, the shelf price might be higher, or you might already have a coupon for the item that’s a higher value so make sure you have a copy of the Stockpile price list to compare and know if the item is a good price before you purchase!

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