TLC Extreme Couponing

The new Season of TLC Extreme Couponing is starting and while I know there is often a lot of controversy on the way this show is portraying couponing, I also know that it’s a great time to focus our efforts on teaching people How to Extreme Coupon the Right Way!

If you are just getting started in the world of Couponing make sure you check out our Extreme Couponing Classes and sign up for our Daily Email Updates.  These Classes are completely Free and contain 10 Different Online Videos to help you get started Understanding Coupons, Building a Stockpile and Shopping at the Drugstores!

Here are a few tips to get you started:

Step 1 – Start Collecting Coupons. Start by Looking for Coupons Online and In your Local Newspaper Inserts. Typically the First Sunday of the Month and the First Sunday of the Quarter are the best times to buy! You can also check out our Printable Coupons page to see all the latest Online Coupons available. Another really helpful post is our post on Decoding Insert Coupons, if you are having trouble understanding abbreviations in our posts this is a great place to start!

Step 2 – Watch for Sales. Passion For Savings covers over 50 Grocery Stores Nationwide. You can check out our list of Grocery Store Deals to find the most recent local sales in your area. Just look for your favorite Grocery Stores. We combine the best In Ad Sales and Available Coupons to help you Maximize Your Savings! All you have to do is Check the Boxes for the Items you want to buy, Print Your List, Clip Your Coupons and Shop! We simplify the process of saving money!

Step 3 – Start Building Your Stockpile. A Realistic Stockpile will last you 8-10 weeks and will allow you to get through to the next sale or coupon. Extreme Couponing isn’t about having hundreds of items, it’s about buying just enough of what your family needs and will use to get you through to the next sale so you Never Have to Pay Retail Again!

Passion For Savings offers a Complete Stock Up Stockpiling List to help you determine when to buy and when to Stock Up! I highly suggest printing out the Stockpiling Price List if you’re new to help you get a good grasp on Prices.

We have an extensive list of Extreme Couponing Tips available, Here are a few Tips you will want to check out if you are just getting started:

If you have a favorite tip or suggestion for those just starting out, I’d love for you to leave a comment below!