Enfamil Family Beginnings

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If you are expecting or have a new baby, or know someone who is (be sure to share), you can currently get up to $250 in gifts when you join Enfamil Family Beginnings.  This includes some great formula coupons!  Plus you will get the monthly emails with expert advice and nutrition information for both you and your baby.

The savings will fall in line with what your child needs.  For example, in the 10 month email they start to talk about your Toddler and what you can expect and what they need.  They will offer high value coupons on the Enfagrow Products and recommend you use them to purchase the Enfagrow Toddler Powder.  They even show you which stores you can purchase them at.  You will get those types of savings each month in your monthly newsletter.  How awesome is that!  Plus all the great advice and tips on what your child needs at that stage in their development.  Priceless!

You will get all of that just for signing up for the FREE Enfamil Family Beginnings newsletter.  So hurry over and get signed up today!