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I’ve got an awesome new Snickers Bites Coupon & Milky Way Bites Coupon to share with you today! You can save up to $2 on Snickers and Milky Way Bites when you print this coupon. These little bites are great for Tailgating on Game Day just set out a bowl at your Tailgating party, or include them in your favorite dessert (Can you say Snickers Brownies! Yum!).

If you love chocolate, you won’t be able to resist new SNICKERS(r) and Milky Way(r) Bites. ¬†Enjoy unwrapped, bite-sized morsels that are great in recipes or by themselves! ¬†For tailgating, these #GameDayBites will be sure to make the crowd go wild. ¬†Hurry before coupons run out!

You can get a great deal on these Snickers or Milky Way Bites at Walmart! These are priced at just $2.97 each making them UNDER $1 per bag after this coupon!

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