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  1. Hi Suzanne – Don’t know if you have already received an answer to this question, but you will have to pay $2.40 (+ tax if your state charges it on candy). Then at the bottom of your receipt, a $3 Extra Bucks reward will print. ExtraBucks can be used at CVS like cash. They expire one month after printing. HTH!

  2. Heather-I printed out the correct coupons for this deal, but I just don’t understand the logistics. If 2 bags cost $6.00, and the coupons only add up to $3.60 ($2.50+$1.10), it seems that I would still owe $2.20 cash. I guess I don’t understand how these ECB’s work. Can I use them towards THIS purchase, or have to pay the $2.20 and then use the ECB’s for my next purchase?
    I’ve always tried to avoid these ECB’s because I don’t want to “play games” with CVS, I just want to purchase my items. Maybe you can tell me what I can expect @ the checkout counter on Sunday when I purchase the candy with my combined coupons. Thanks so much-Suzanne

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