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We have new Scope Rebate for up to $4.49 off Scope 1 Liter Mint Mouthwash or 750 ML Scope Outlast! Find all of the current Scope Coupons to get the best deals on Mouthwash.

The fine print states “This offer cannot be combined with other offers, including coupons,” so you cannot use this along with the Scope Coupons that are available, but you can use the rebate alone to get a free bottle!

Walmart has the 1 Liter of Classic Mint Scope for $3.97, so the Scope Rebate will make it FREE!

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Rebate Fine Print:

Offer limited to US residents 18 years of age or older. Limit one refund per name, household, or address. Use of multiple addresses or P.O. boxes to obtain additional refunds is fraud and may result in
prosecution. Multiple submissions will not be acknowledged or returned. This offer cannot be combined with other offers, including coupons. Prepaid card accepted where Visa/MasterCard cards are
accepted. Not redeemable as cash or usable at ATMs or gas pumps. Card expires 6 months from issuance. Terms of prepaid card apply. This form must accompany your request. If UPC and valid original
date receipt are not included in the request for rebate, your prepaid card will not be issued. Reproduction, alteration, sale,trade, or purchase of this official form or proof of purchase is prohibited. Proof of
purchase must be obtained from product purchased by you. No requests from groups, clubs, or organizations will be honored. We will not honor incomplete submissions. Not responsible for lost, late, or
undelivered submissions. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery. For the status of your rebate go to or call 855-814-50

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