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UPDATE: I just learned that this was a BzzzAgent promotion and only intended for specific recipients. I don’t know if those who were able to load will be able to redeem this offer, but apparently some people have been able to. As of right now the offer is no longer available.

Kroger Shoppers, there is an AWESOME coupon you do not want to miss!  Today you can load  Kroger Coupons to your card for $25 off $50 Purchases on Groceries which is just amazing and unheard of!!! It doesn’t expire until 4/4, but it may not be up long!

I have no idea how long this coupon will be up, so HURRY to be sure you snag it and save half on your groceries, plus you will be able to use coupons, too! Sign in to your Kroger Account to get it!

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