Crafts Using Duct Tape

I’m not really sure what the fascination is with duct tape, but it’s huge. Everyone is trying to see what else they can make from it. And then they started coming out with such cute designs. They almost call for something creative.

Below is a collection of some of the cute Duct Tape Crafts people have done.

DIY Customized Water Bottles – whether you are having a party and need to tell bottles apart, or the kids just like to decorate their own bottles, this idea is super cute.

Bags are a common item made with duct tape. Here are a few that were very cute. You really can’t tell to look at most of these that they are made from duct tape!

Fruit Slice Duct Tape Purse – Super cute little purse made to look like a slice of fruit using duct tape. How do they do that?

Waterproof Beach Bag – I love this idea for a huge beach bag using duct tape. Totally waterproof!

Lunch Bag – Create the perfect size of lunch bag to fit your needs.

Duct Tape No Sew Tote – This one is just cute. Find  a cute design of tape and make your own.

Duct Tape Messenger Bag – Perfect for back to school. Kids can design their own.

No Sew Duct Tape Basket – This is great as you can use whatever design or color of tape to match your decor.

Here are some cute accessories made form duct tape.

Braided Duct Tape Bracelet – Kids will love making these cute bracelets made from duct tape.

Duct Tape King Ring Wristlet – Make your own custom key chain wristlet.

Duct Tape Hair Bows – Make your own custom hair bows using your favorite designs of tape.

Duct Tape Wallet – This is a very popular one with the guys!

Duct Tape Belt – Make a custom belt using various colors of tape.

Duct Tape Luggage Tags – Here is a great way to mark your luggage so you can easily spot it at the airport!

Duct tape can make great decorations for holidays or any time!

Duct Tape Picture Frame – Here is a cute idea to customize the look of an old picture frame.

Duct Tape Flower Pen – Cute pens with duct tape flower toppers. Great teacher gift idea!

Duct Tape Wreath – This gorgeous wreath made out of what appear to be roses, but are really rolled up piece of duct tape. Great Valentine’s Day decoration.

Duct Tape Banner – A great way to decorate for any party!

Duct Tape Valentine’s Box – Perfect school project for Valentine’s Day!

Duct Tape Topiary – This cute decoration would work well for various holidays depending on what color of tape you use.

Candy Corn Trick or Treat Bag – What a cute trick or treat bag idea! Made from various colors of duct tape!

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