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Candy is a fun and easy gift to give when you have a situation where you need to give lots of gifts (classroom, office, etc) or sometimes even if you have a hard to shop for person or just have a candy lover on your holiday shopping list.  There are many ways to decorate or wrap the candy to make it even more fun to give.  Check out all of these cute candy gift ideas!

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These cute printable candy bar wraps make an ordinary candy bar look so cute!  A pair of knit gloves can be used for the hat and then become part of the gift.  The printable for this Snow Man Candy Wrapper can be found HERE.  Laurie has been nice enough to offer this printable for free.

(source: LaurieFurnell)

A similar idea is to use lifesaver rolls to make the cutest snowmen. ¬†Cut the finger tips off gloves for little hats. ¬†Add some yarn for the scarves for these tiny snowmen. ¬†So cute you almost don’t want to take it apart and eat it!

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A box of Whoppers can be turned into a cute gift with a little note wishing the recipient a “Whopper of a Christmas”.

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Instead of flowers or fresh fruit bouquet, how about a candy bouquet.  Take this along to a holiday party this year or drop off for a friend or neighbor.

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Fill a measuring cup with candy and wish the recipient “A Cup of Christmas Cheer” or tell them that “No one Measures up to You”. ¬†Great teacher gift idea.

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A kitchen whisk can be a cute gift when filled with Hershey’s Kisses. ¬†“We Whisk you a Merry Kissmas” can be put on a little note. ¬†Tie up with a ribbon and you’re all set.

“Have a Holly Jolly Christmas” is what you can say on a note attached to Jolly Rancher candies. ¬†Wrap up one bag of two with some ribbon and it’s also an eco-friendly gift with no wrapping paper.

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These candy cane mice are adorable!  Have the kids help you make these ones.  And perfect to hand out at the kids classroom party.  Be sure to grab the printable template.

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Too cute to not throw in even though it’s not exactly “candy”. ¬†Make a little six pack of reindeer out of root beer bottles. ¬†Great gift for a hard to shop for teenager.

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