Stainless Steel Pasta MakerGo

If you have wanted to make homemade pasta check out this Stainless Steel Pasta Maker for only $28.98 Shipped today! It is marked down to $23.99 from $129.99 and shipping is $4.99 so  you pay a total of $28.98!

Product Description:

Clamp this pasta machine to your counter or table edge, choose a setting, and you’re ready to turn out fresh homemade pasta. This hand-operated pasta maker features adjustable stainless steel rollers with 7 thickness settings that can knead pasta dough into 4″ wide sheets, perfect for making ravioli or lasagna noodles. Or slide on the stainless steel cutting attachment to make spaghetti or fettuccine noodles. You’ll never want to resort to buying dried, store-bought pasta again.

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