Here is a list of the Top 10 Target Coupon Deals as of Thursday 02/13 with the best deals that you can snag with coupons and Gift Card Deals at Target Stores. This list has items from this week’s Target Ad as well as in-store deals that you can find exclusively at Target. Make sure you print out all of the coupons you can from this list now in case some of them are gone before you can get to Target! Keep in mind that some of these deals and Price Cuts will vary by store, so check your local Target to make sure you can get these Target Coupon Deals this week. Also know that Target Store Coupons go pretty quickly so be sure to print those out now!

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A great thing about Target Shopping is that you can get exclusive Gift Card offers when you make a specific purchase. This is one of the best ways you can save money by shopping in store at Target.  If you need help understanding Gift Card Purchases, check out my post on Target Gift Card Purchases!

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