Extreme Couponing at CVS

Extreme Couponing at CVS – The 98% Rule

I post a lot of CVS Deals each week and if you’re a frequent CVS Shopper you probably already know this quick tip on purchase requirements but if you’re new to shopping at CVS I’m guessing this has confused you when you are browsing through the weekly matchups!

CVS Typically runs Extra Care Bucks Deals that I like to call “When You Spend Offers” Yes I totally just made that up, but basically these are the offers that look like: Get $4 in Extra Care Bucks When You Spend $12 on Glade, SC Johnson, Maybelline or Clorox Products.

What makes these offers confusing is that  you don’t have to get to exactly $12 for the ECB to trigger, so how do you know when it will trigger and when it won’t???

I like to use the 98% Rule at CVS

If your Purchases reach 98% of the Required Amount Before Coupons are applied the ECB Offer will Print

Now, I can’t confirm this anywhere but this seems to be the general rule of thumb. So here are a few guidelines to help you understand

Spend $30 | Must Spend $29.40 or more
Spend $20 | Must Spend $19.60 or more
Spend $15 | Must Spend $14.70 or more
Spend $10 | Must Spend $9.80 or more
Spend $5 | Must Spend $4.90 or more

So in the case of the Glade & Scrubbing Bubbles Deal shown above you may have noticed when I posted this deal my total didn’t hit $12 exactly before coupons. The total was $11.94 before coupons which is above 98% of the required purchase so the ECB still prints at checkout.


Remember, this is all before coupons are factored in, like in the same Glade Deal mentioned, the Total out of pocket is $3.94 after coupons are applied and the $4 ECB Still Prints, The 98% Requirement is Before Coupons.  

One more thing I wanted to mention, Walgreens Offers Require you to be at the Minimum Purchase Amount or Higher, if you are even $0.01 short at Walgreens the rewards won’t prompt at checkout, so remember this is only specific to CVS!

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Source:  We Use Coupons