Extreme Couponing

One of the most frustrating things online is when you go to print a coupon and realize that the print limit has been reached. I know I often get questions about this because it’s frustrating and slightly confusing (Especially if you haven’t printed the coupon) So I thought I would quickly go over the different reasons you might get the Print Limit Reached Error.

  1. The Maximum Number of Prints for the Coupon has been reached. Each Coupon issued has a Maximum number of prints, this is different for every coupon, some may be 50,000 others 5,000 and it just depends on the limit the manufacturer put on the coupon. Once that total number of coupons has been printed you will see the Print Limit Reached Error. If it’s a Hot Coupon this will happen quickly, other coupons may last a few months before this limit is reached.
  2. You have already printed this coupon. Most online coupons have a limit of 2 coupon prints per computer/IP address. Once you have printed the coupon twice you will then see the Print Limit Reached message letting you know that you have maxed out your personal number of prints even though there may be prints remaining for other people.
  3. You Haven’t Printed the Coupon & Still get the Error. This often happens if a Coupon was sent out specifically by email and a direct link was posted. The best thing to try is to get to the main source of the coupon, so if you had an email from the same company check your email or go directly to the companies website or Facebook Page to print the coupon. Often getting your own unique coupon link will solve the problem.

The only problem that remains is that you don’t often know which of these 3 reasons are prompting the Print Limit Reached Error but it’s always a good idea to try to think through what the reason might be because that can help you know how to avoid the error, especially if #3 is the reason.

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