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Fall is such a pretty season. All the leaves changing colors. The reds, yellows and oranges all look so great together. Outdoor fall decorating can be so much fun. Getting outdoors and adding touches to what Mother Nature has already designed to make it extra special.

Here are some of my favorite Outdoor Fall Decorating Ideas!

Wood Flower Wreath – Wreaths are very popular for fall decorations. This one made from wood flowers is unique and very pretty.

Corn and Husk Garland – Perfect for decorating an outdoor fence or door.

Garden Fountain with Mini Pumpkins – This is a great way to use your bird bath in the fall months. And still plenty of room for any birds still hanging around to hang out.

Corn Tassel Fall Wreath – This cute and easy to make fall wreath made out of corn tassels will make a wonderful addition to your front door!

Wagon with Pumpkins – A rustic wagon filled with straw and pumpkins just scream fall!

Fall Garland – Garland isn’t just for Christmas. Check out this cute Fall Garland!

DIY Fall Wreath – This Fall wreath made from letters that spell out Fall is super cute!

Pumpkin Floral Arrangements – I love this idea of using a carved out pumpkin as a flower pot. Fill with some pretty fall flowers.

Pumpkin Chandelier – This is a must if you have a porch! Super cute!

Fall Wreath – This beautiful fall wreath is relatively easy to make. So pretty!

Gourd Garland – Another cute fall garland made from gourds.

Pumpkin and Rake Decoration – A cute decoration using a tool of the season along with some leaves and pumpkins!

Autumn Planters – I love the look of these planter boxes filled with small pumpkins!