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Extreme Couponing Strategy #15 – The Ad Preview

One of my favorite Extreme Couponing tips is to check out the Ad Preview for your favorite stores so that you always know what is coming up and what items will be on sale during the weeks to come.

Each week we post Ad Previews for CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens on Tuesday before the ads start! That gives you time to see the best deals before they start! I also post quick updates as I find new coupons all week long so be sure that you are checking the store pages for your favorite stores frequently to keep up with all the deals for that store.


The Ad Previews (If they are available) are listed in the top right section of the store page. That means they won’t fall off the front page and you shouldn’t have to go searching for them. You can see that right now we already have This week’s Latest Matchups for the week of 3/31 on the left side. The Ad Preview for 4/7 which is next week is listed on the right side. If there’s no ad preview for that store the section will just be blank.

Here are the links to the store pages:
(You can always find these pages in the “Shop By Store” Section in the menu bar at the top of the site)

Walgreens Deals

CVS Deals

Rite Aid Deals

Target Deals

You can also check store specific sites for the Drugstore Ad Scans. My Favorites are: and

We post the Target Ad Preview on Friday afternoons so you have a few days to check out the best deals before we get the full ad matchups up.

The advantage to following the Previews in addition to the weekly store lists is that you can see if a better deal is coming up in the near future. If you’re considering purchasing shampoo now and you realize it will be on sale next week then it’s a good time to wait (Use up all those free samples you get in the mail) and make it one more week in order to save more money.

A Few Words of Caution:

Remember sometimes ad scans are wrong, depending on when they are released items may change and prices may be regional so you can typically plan ahead a few weeks at the most but any further out than that and I would be cautious of depending on an ad scan. These are typically leaked from the stores or printing companies which means you could be looking at a draft that hasn’t been finalized.

Don’t Forget: You can Download the Stockpiling Price Sheet to see all of the estimated prices you could expect to pay for the basic items we buy each month. There is also a place to compare unit pricing. This is just a guide, but a great way to help you learn the prices of each item.

Tomorrow we will be talking about another strategy for getting the most out of your coupons!

Make sure you check out our Saving Money Blog and also our How to Coupon Page for more tips, tricks and videos on saving money and using coupons.

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