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Fred Meyer Coupon Policy

Fred Meyer Coupon Policy

Here you can get the official Fred Meyer Coupon Policy and all of the tips on how best to use coupons at Fred Meyer Stores. Fred Meyer does not double coupons, but they do have the Fred Meyer Rewards Program.

This program is a Reward Card and when you present your card at checkout you will earn 1 point for every dollar you spend. When you accumulate 500 Rewards Points in a 13 week cycle you will be mailed a Rewards Rebate that you can use at Fred Meyer stores! There are 4 cycles per year so you can earn up to 4 Rebates per year! These cards are also awesome because if you want to make a return you just have to show them your card and they will be able to pull up your transaction! The Rewards Card can also help you save on Gas by earning Fuel Discounts with your points.

The Fred Meyer Coupon Policy states that they have the right to reject any coupon that you present “on view.” They will no more than 5 of the same coupon per transaction and you should be able to stack a Fred Meyer Coupon from their ad or mailer with a Manufacturer’s Coupon. It does not explicitly state that you can stack them, but you should be able to according to their rules.

A very important note is that they will only accept 2 internet coupons per manufacturer per day.

I recommend that you print out this Fred Meyer Coupon Policy and take it with you to the store in case you run into any troubles with coupon acceptance.

This policy is intended as a general guide to using coupons at Fred Meyer stores. Because there are many different types of coupons from many different sources, a single coupon policy can’t possibly be all-encompassing. However, these guidelines apply to most coupon situations.

Coupon policy is subject to change at any time.

The Fred Meyer store manager has the right to accept, decline, or limit the use of ANY coupon upon view.

When buying multiples of an item, no more than 5 manufacturer’s coupons for that product will be accepted in the same transaction, and only 1 manufacturer’s coupon can be applied to each item.

We accept coupons from Fred Meyer ads, mailers, flyers, emails, web sites and in-store displays. Our coupons will state any limitations and/or restrictions. Some of these coupons are Fred Meyer coupons and some are manufacturer’s coupons. The coupon will state if it is a manufacturer’s coupon.

Customers must present coupons in order to receive the coupon price.

If the coupon amount exceeds the final cost of an item (whether it’s the current price of the item or after discounts or other coupons are applied), the coupon amount may be adjusted to match that cost.

We accept all valid, current manufacturer’s coupons. We do not accept expired coupons or manufacturer’s coupons that state they are valid only at another listed retailer (i.e., “Good only at Safeway”). Exception:

Most Catalina coupons (the coupons that print out for you at check stands) are manufacturer’s coupons and are stated as such. Catalina coupons that are printed with another retailer’s name may be accepted at Fred Meyer. Note: This only applies to Catalina coupons and not to other manufacturer’s coupons that are designated as valid for use at a specified retailer.

We do not double or triple coupons.

We accept Pharmacy Competitor Coupons, but do not accept any other competitor’s coupons.

Coupons cannot be combined with certain special pricing programs, including $4 and $10 generic prescription pricing in our pharmacy.

We accept valid, current print-at-home Internet coupons, including those sent to you in Fred Meyer emails or that you find on, and “Free” item Internet coupons can be accepted only if all purchase criteria is met.

Only two Internet coupons per manufacturer, per Customer, per day will be accepted.

Internet coupons that display the following characteristics will not be accepted:


Out of proportion

Do not scan properly

Appear altered in any way

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