I have an exciting new product to share with you today, well, it’s not really a new product but it’s new to me! :)

For a while now I have been a “Binder Girl” I always have kept my coupons in my Coupon Binder so they were handy and ready to go at the store. However there was one slight problem…. I am not the most organized person in the world and I often forgot to put my coupons in my binder. I would end up Clipping the coupons and putting the newly clipped coupons in an envelope to use while shopping because I often didn’t have the time to file them in the binder.

With the Coupon Box System one of the things I found was that it was MUCH easier to get my coupons actually where they belonged. Flipping to the right section and throwing in the coupons was easier than trying to stuff them in my binder and if I left my box sitting on my desk I did actually find myself just filing coupons as I went.

The My Coupon Keeper System comes with 40 Plastic Dividers to help you get organized as well as pre-made stickers for you to label the dividers with. I actually have been testing out a new method of organizing my coupons alphabetically which has been working better for me.

Here’s how I set up my coupon box:

I labeled a divider for each of the letters in the alphabet, So I have a divider for A, B, C, D….. and so on. Then I set up a section at the front for each of the stores I shop at. I have Walgreens, Harps, Target, IGA and Walmart. This allows me to place coupons I know I will use at those stores in these sections so I don’t have to go looking for them later (A good example would be if I print a coupon in advance for a Walgreens Deal).

I also created a section for Target Coupons at the back because I find it’s easier for me to have these in one place and it saves me a lot of time trying to file these.

Once my coupon box was set up I headed out to the store. My Coupon Keeper gives you a Purse Sized Folder to help you stay organized in the store. Before you head to the store you can pull the coupons you will need and place them on the left side of the folder. As you put items in your cart you can move coupons to the right side so that when you get to the Cashier all of your coupons are ready to go. I do highly recommend using a system like this in stores especially if you shop with little ones because it saves so much time and frustration in the stores and helps you not forget any coupons at the last minute when the kids are cranky.

My only complaint about the My Coupon Keeper system is that I haven’t found an easy way to carry it yet. Especially when I have my kids with me, I have one that’s 3 and one that’s 1 so I have to carry one and hold a hand and that doesn’t leave any hands to carry in the Coupon Box. I know the idea is that you have your coupons ready before you get to the store but I like to have my coupons with me Just In Case I find a hot clearance deal. I ended up throwing this in a reusable shopping bag just so it could go on my shoulder on the way into the store, but if you use a coupon box and you have any suggestions I would love to hear them!

Overall I love the way this system works and I was impressed with the quality of the box and especially the dividers and insert boxes. If you’re looking for a new way to organize your coupons make sure you check it out.

Try My Coupon Keeper Today!

You can get the My Coupon Keeper System for just $34.99 plus if you use the code PassionForSavings in the Special Instructions Box you will get an additional FREE Purse Sized Folder for organizing your coupons for multiple stores!

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