Ok ok, I know I have totally fallen down on  my Holiday Craft Ideas for the Family this week but I am going to make it up to with a GREAT one!
I can’t even begin to tell you how much I adore this craft! These are homemade snowglobes I found on About.com that are about the easiest and cheapest and most adorable things I have ever seen! EVERYTHING in this craft is something I have right now in my home so it is essentially free :)


  • Either a baby food jar, olive jar, jelly or jam jar, or anything clear with a lid
  • Hot Glue
  • Baby Oil ( for the “water,” but you can use pretty much anything you want)
  • Eggs (just you wait :))
  • Glitter
  • Christmas ornaments or decorations of snowmen, reindeer, Santa, christmas trees, or anything you want in your Snow Scene! Make sure they fit in the jar


  • Using the Hot Glue, apply your scene characters to the inside of the bottom of the lid in your own arrangement,
  • Pour in the liquid of your choice.
  • Crush Egg Shells to make the snow and add glitter :) I love the crushed eggshell idea!
  • Add glitter and snow to liquid and seal tightly and add more glue around seal for reinforcement.
  • THAT IS IT! Shake until your heart’s content :)

I think it is pretty clear that I am obsessed with this little project. This would be so much fun with the kids and each could create their own with their own special elements. This one is really a free-style project and all of the “scene” supplies are completely improvisational and you just go make it your own!

Photo Credit: dadarocks.com