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Check out the ibotta App that is now available to download to your iPhone, iPad, or Android!

If you are wanting to save even more money while you shop, then make sure you download the ibotta App! Ibotta is an free app that helps you save money while you shop.


After you download and register this app, you can select some of your favorite offers for your favorite products.


After you select your favorite offers, you can complete several activities that help you earn even more savings for that product. The more activities you complete (reading facts, taking quizzes, posting to Facebook, watching videos, and more) the more money you will earn! There are normally 3 earning options for each offer.


After you complete the activities you choose, the offer will stay on the app until you purchase the product, upload your receipt, and scan the product.

After these steps are completed, you should have your earnings within 24 hours! After you receive your earnings and build up to $5, you can select to have Cash added to your PayPal Account or make donations to a school or the United Way.

Get $5 FREE When You Join!

Sign up now and receive $5 when you redeem your first offer!! Ibotta works at 33 different retailers including Target, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy, RiteAid, Kroger, Safeway, and more!

You can even use coupons on the products you are buying at the store to get your purchase price down even more.

Here are some steps to help you get started!

  1. Download and Sign up for the ibotta App 

  2. Choose your favorite offers
  3. Complete activities for the specific offers of items you have chosen
  4. When you are shopping, purchase the specific item for the offers you have earned
  5. Upload your receipt and scan the bar code on the item you have purchased
  6. Submit your information and wait for your earnings (usually within 24 hours)

When you reach $5 you can withdraw your cash via PayPal or Donations

After you redeem an offer, ibotta will send you more offers, these have become some of the best ways to grab deals at most major stores so don’t forget you can stack these ibotta Rebates with Coupons and in store promotions.

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