FREE $5 Gift Card when you Sign up for Plink

Get a FREE $5 Gift Card when you Sign up for Plink! ¬†Couldn’t be easier to get an extra $5! ¬†Plus, why not get paid to eat out and go shopping, things you probably do anyway. ¬†Even go to the movies!

Here’s how:

1) Sign up for (it’s FREE)

2) Register your credit or debit card and automatically get a $5 Gift Card.

3) Add offers you like to your “wallet”

4) Shop at over 35,000 stores and restaurants with the card you registered and get rewards!

If you eat out and shop in stores, it really is a win-win.  You may as well be getting rewards for what you are doing already.

FREE $5 Gift Card when you Sign up for Plink

Let’s use this Burger King offer as an example. ¬†You will get 70 points for spending over $5 in one transaction or 150 points for spending over $15. ¬†You can use the same offer as many times as you want during the promotional period for that offer.

Then for as little as 500 points you can get a $5 Gift Card!  It seems to me like you can reach that pretty quickly with the variety off offers available.

Be sure to confirm your email address!  You 500 points should show up fairly quickly after you complete your registration.  Then you can choose which $5 gift card you want to get with your 500 points.

One tip for deals like this, if you are uncomfortable giving information from one of your main cards, you can always use a prepaid credit card with a small balance.  Just make sure that if you are going to use it to eat out and shop to earn more than the initial $5 that you have enough on it for each trip.

So head over to Plink and get signed up today!