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I never have any good and healthy smoothie Ideas and that is why I LOVE these free Kindle Books for I Love Green Smoothies by Katherine Stromick right now totally free! It is full of super delicious and easy recipes for healthy and delicious smoothies you can make yourself :)

Here is the Free Kindle Books description:

Katherine Stromick, a yoga instructor and mother of two boys, has seen firsthand what the power of Green Smoothies has done for her and her family. In this book Katherine shares her personal story of what an impact drinking Green Smoothies has had on her life as well as that of her children as well as sharing some of her best Green Smoothie Recipes.

Green Smoothies are a mix of greens, vegetables and flavorful fruits making you feel amazing and helping to:

Lose Weight
Detoxify the Body
Increase Energy
Fight Heart Disease
Prevent Diabetes, Depression and Certain Cancers
Boost the Immune System
Improve Skin and Hair

These delicious Green Smoothie recipes will help you lose weight, have increased energy, and improve your overall health!

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