how to freeze avocados

Did you know you can Freeze Avocados?  I’m going to be honest I had No Idea until last week when I mentioned to my mom that Avocados were on sale for $0.33 each at Aldi’s and I wish I had time to stock up and make up a lot of Homemade Guacamole. I normally use my Guacamole Recipe to make Fresh Guac and then Freeze it once it’s mixed up but with a new baby I just haven’t had as much free time to spend on stuff like this the last 2 weeks.

It turns out you can actually Buy and Freeze Avocados without having to take the time to use them, and you don’t have to worry about them going bad as fast! This is a great way to Stock Up on Produce when it’s on sale. I always Price Match Aldi’s when they have Avocados priced at $0.33 each, normally at my Walmart these are OVER $1 each so that’s over a 60% savings on Produce! By Freezing items like this I can save on Produce by stocking up when I find a sale!

I used my Food Saver System to Freeze Avacados, just Slice them in half, leave the seed in and Package them in a Food Saver. When you’re ready to use them just set them in the Fridge the night before (Without opening the package so you don’t get air next to the avocados) And then they are ready to use by lunch or dinner the next day.

In my opinion These are better used in Recipes after Frozen, or Smashed up and then used fresh on sandwiches or burgers. But you can really use them for just about anything you would use a Fresh Avocado for.

A big thanks to my Mom for sharing this tip!

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