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Gift Ideas for Boys

Christmas Gift Ideas for Boys

Playskool Rocktivity Walk ‘n Roll Rider

From Walking to Riding the Playskool Rocktivity Rock ‘N Roll Rider is a fun musical walker that converts to a ride on toy. The tunes are all ones you’ll recognize like “I like to move it” and “Walkin’ on the Sun” or “Life is a Highway”, This is geared towards boys or girls ages 9 months +.

What I love: I’m all about items that last for a while and this Walk ‘N Roll Rider grows with your child. The songs are adorable and will have you singing along, there’s also a fun dashboard between the handlebars that plays songs and more.

You can purchase the Playskool Rock ‘N Roll Rider on or at Target, Walmart and Toys R Us.

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Alphabet Puzzle Map

This alphabet puzzle map is made of soft foam and bright colors, it’s perfect for teaching the ABC’s and creating a soft comfortable play environment for little ones.

What I Love: The Colors on this mat make it fun, plus it’s great for homes with hard wood floors or concrete floors, you can create a soft playing environment for little ones while teaching them their ABC’s all at the same time. This also folds up into a small travel bag if you need to take it with you somewhere.

You can purchase the Alphabet Puzzle Map from Small World Toys.

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Crawl with me Turtle

The Gund Crawl with Me Turtle is a soft loveable turtle that takes off crawling slowly and encourages little ones to follow it. This musical turtle crawls across the floor and stops when a little one presses on it’s back.

What I love: This turtle is So Soft just like you would expect from a Gund Stuffed Animal, it also crawls slowly and softly which is great for little ones. It’s the perfect size and the little sayings are cute this turtle says “Let’s Crawl Together” or “Catch Me” it’s a really cute gift idea for little ones.

You can purchase the Gund Crawl with Me Turtle on

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Transformers Rescue Bots Mobile Headquarters

Transformers Figures made for little hands, you can get the Fun of Trnsformers with this new Transformers Rescue Bots Mobile Headquarters Playset. This Firetruck turns into a mobile command center complete with lights and sound. Made for ages 3 and up.

What I love: My little boy loves these transformers figures, he has several small individual transformers from the Playskool Heroes collection so this is the perfect completion to his set. These figures are great for little hands, he can transform the entire thing without my help and he can imagine and play for hours with these sets, he also loves the sounds and lights on this set.

You can purchase the Transformers Rescue Bots on or at Target, Walmart and Toys R Us stores nationwide.

But the Transformers Rescue Bots Mobile HQ Go

Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe Candy Cyclone

Create Gumballs and candies with the Candy Cyclone Playset from Play-Doh. You can put your favorite Play-Doh Colors in the top, then twist them out to watch the gumballs roll down the ramp. You can also make sweet looking Plah-Doh Suckers and more!

What I love: As a Mom I love that my kids can spend hours playing with Play-Doh. These new sets allow them to build their creativity and they have fun making all the different candies and suckers. My son who is 4 loved watching the gumballs roll down the cyclone.

You can purchase the Candy Cyclone Set on or in Walmart, Target and Toys R Us stores.

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Koosh Galaxy Solar Recon

The Koosh Galaxy Solar Recon features Glow in the Dark Blasting Power, Sounds and lights! You just feed the koosh balls through the launcher and watch the LED Lights brighten and charge the koosh balls for glow in the dark blasting effects. You can hear the ball launcher powering up, and firing!  The blaster comes with 4 glow in the dark foam balls and it’s sized for little hands.

What I love: This toy is easy for little hands, it’s targeted at ages 4 and up so if you have a little one that’s not big enough for the larger Nerf guns this is a great option, the foam balls aren’t too hard, and while you wouldn’t want to shoot this at people it is nice to know they aren’t firing hard balls all over the house. The glow in the dark blasting is also a fun twist!

You can purchase the Koosh Galaxy Solar Recon Blaster at or Retail Stores Nationwide.

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Beyblade Metal Fury Destroyer Dome

The Beyblade Metal Fury Destroyer Dome is a 360 Degree Battle Area where you can use the 2 Ripcord launchers and Beyblade Tops to compete against your friends. This set also includes 2 collector cards with codes to battle online at

What I love: I first got to try these back in August and they are a lot of fun for all ages, I love that there’s an online aspect to this game as well + Kids can play with their friends and compete against each other, form teams and have a tournament style play to determine the ultimate winner. This takes a little skill and practice which makes it great for older kids.

You can purchase the Beyblade Metal Fury Destroyer Dome in stores everywhere or on

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Where’s My Water Game

The Popular Where’s My Water App is being brought to live with the new Where’s my water board game. You can send marbles down the pipes to see if they make it to the bottom, the traps and obstacles along the way will try to get in the way so you have to move fast to get the most water to Swampy’s Shower.

What I love: My son (And Husband) Love to play the Where’s My Water App so this is a game they can play together, it takes something they already love and turns it into hours of fun. This game is targeted at ages 5 and up, but my son who is 4 also loves it just remember there are a few small parts you will want to keep away from little ones.

You can purchase the Where’s My Water Game on or in most National retailers.

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Nerf Vortex Pyragon Gun

The Nerf Vortex Pyragon Gun offers 40 Disc Rapid Slam Fire, you can blast targets at an overwhelming pace, the Pyragon Blaster contains a 40 disc drum that ensures you have a lot of Ammo before reloading, the slam fire handle gives you total control over the rate of fire. You can aim and blast one disc at a time or hold the trigger down to unleash multiple discs at a time.

What I love: You should have seen my Husbands Eyes when we opened this one, The kid in him came back, I think all boys (and Men) have a secret love for Nerf Guns and this is one of the newest and most innovative Nerf Guns I have seen in a while. The size of this gun is larger than some of the other Nerf Guns so its focused on older/teenage boys who can control it.

You can purchase the Nerf Vortex Pyragon Gun on or at a Retailer near you.

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Jumbo Jump Rocket Set

The Jumbo Jump Rocket soars up to 150 or more, to launch all you have to do is place the rocket onto the tube and Jump on the Green Air Chamber, the Rocket shoots into the Air for hours of fun!

What I love: These parts are made of durable plastic and foam to withstand abuse from kids :) You also get 2 rockets in a set and this is really easy for kids to set up and use by themselves. If you need additional rockets you can order those separately.

You can purchase the Jumbo Jump Rocket from

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Air Pogo Jumper

The Air Pogo Jumper is like a Pogo without a Stick! You just grip the ball with your feet and start jumping, the Air Pogo Jumper builds strength, Coordination and Balance, it’s made of a rugged ball inside a platform and it’s suitable for indoor or outdoor use, just make sure you have plenty of space!

What I love: The Air Pogo Jumper is a great way to get out energy in kids and it’s easier to balance than a pogo stick, it’s also softer and safer to have around the house if you have little kids. There’s also a fun Boing O Meter App that you can download for Free and track your bounces or compete with your friends.

You can purchase the Air Pogo Jumper from or

Buy the Air Pogo Jumper Go

Deluxe Crime Scene Detective’s Lab

Your child can be on the case with this detective tool kit complete with a room alarm, metal detector kit and more. You can discover the world of Bugging, eavesdropping and solving mysteries while creating a case profile. There is also a set of Binoculars and a Fingerprint Identification Kit.

What I love: While I don’t love to be spied on :)  I thought this was a fun kit that brought imagination to life. The Invisible Ink Pen for secret Mesages and all the detective toys are great for kids who want to bring out their inner CSI. This product is recommended for kids ages 8 and up.

You can purchase the Deluxe Crime Scene Detectives Lab from Small World Toys

Buy the Crime Scene Detectives Lab Go

Road Rippers Monster Crushasaurus

This Toy State Monster Crushasaurus lets you roar into action with 4×4 power and a dinosaur styling claw wheels. This vehicle runs on 6 AA Batteries and 3 AAA Batteries for the controller. You can perform 360 Degree Spins and Jaw Chomping Action, just push the buttons to trigger lights, realistic roars and make the Road Ripper Come to life.

What I love: The Monster Crushasaurus is easy to drive and great for little imaginations, with the push of a button you can make the Dinosaur come to life. There is also a Preschool Version of the Road Rippers if you have little ones that love R/C Cars.

You can purchase the Road Rippers Vehicles online on

Buy the Road Rippers Go

Chuggington Wooden Railway Train Set

If you have a Chuggington Fan in your house don’t miss the new train sets with your favorite characters. This Chuggington Koko Safari Set includes a Koko Train and 37 pieces along with a 2 in 1 Safari Tree with Swinging Door. You can stack for 1 levels of tunnels or unstack and have 2 separate tunnels.

What I love: My kids love Chuggington so I love that this brings their favorite characters to live, these pieces are also well made there are multiple Chuggington sets that you can connect and collect for even more train set fun!

You can purchase the Chuggington Wooden Railway Train Set from Toys R Us.

Buy the Chuggington Train Sets Go

Matchbox Dino Adventures Squad

The Matchbox Big Boots Dino Adventure Squad Vehicle includes 4 Big Boots Figures, the T-Rex, and Dino Adventure Squad Vehicle. You can launch and catapult the big boots figures to capture the T-Rex and Lock him in the Dino Cage. You can also collect the other Big Boots Vehicles for even more fun!

What I love: Anything with Big Trucks and Dinosaurs is a hit in our home. These big boots figures are supposed to always land on their feet and they are ready to spring into action and jump and flip off the truck. My son is  and thi sis the perfect toy for him, Plus don’t forget there are other playsets you can collect.

You can purchase the Big Boots Dino Adventure Vehicle from or a retailer near you.

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