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Gift Ideas for Girls

Christmas Gift Ideas for Girls

Dora Let’s Play Backpack for the iPad

The Dora Let’s Play Backpack is an iPad Accessory Game where you download the Compatible iPad App and connect the Dora Backpack for a fun learning Adventures Game! This is great if you have little ones that love playing with the ipad, it’s compatible with the iPad 1, iPad 2 and the 3rd Generation iPad.

What I love: I have a little girl that loves Dora, she also loves playing on the iPad. I love the learning aspects of the game as she learns to count, answer questions and more. This is a cute way to bring the iPad to life it’s designed for ages 3 and up and you can play 2 players at a time or you can divide multiple players into 2 teams.

You can purchase the Dora Let’s Play Backpack on

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Little Mommy Doctor Mommy Doll

The Little Mommy Doctor Mommy Doll is an interactive dol that comes with medical instruments and a doctors bag, this doll lets your little girl be the “Doctor Mommy” And take care of the doll when she’s not feeling well.

What I love: The pretend play in this is so much fun! My little girl loves all kinds of doctors sets so this is the perfect combination, The doll is adorable and the tools and doctor case make it the perefect gift. If you have a little girl of any age this would make a great gift!

You can purchase the Little Mommy Doctor Mommy Doll on Amazon or in Walmart & Target Stores.

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Come ‘N Play Cookie Monster Kitchen Cafe

The Sesame Street Come ‘N Play Cookie Monster Kitchen Cafe has over 70 Phrases and Sound Effects and plays the Cookie Monster Kitchen Cafe Song! It’s about 30″ tall and perfect for preschoolers 18 months – 4 years. There is no assembly required, it just snaps together. The kitchen includes 6 pieces of Play Food, a Spatula and a Frying Pan.

What I love: All the sounds and sayings from this make it adorable for little kids. My kids love both Elmo and Cookie Monster so this is a fun way for them to interact. This is the perfect size for little ones and it’s a great alternative to a big kitchen if you don’t have a lot of space in your home.

You can buy the Sesame Street Cookie Monster Kitchen Cafe at Retailers Nationwide or on

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Sesame Street LOL Elmo

This Laughing Elmo tells Jokes and Comes with a Fishbowl Squeeker Toy for even more fun! Preschoolers can laugh along with Elmo and make Elmo Laugh Out Loud by Tickling his Tummy, Making Silly Sounds, Pressing his Feet and Sweeking the Fishbowl Toy. Elmo even tells Jokes!

What I Love: The Sesame Street LOL Elmo is one of this year’s Hottest Toys, it’s perfect for both girls and boys and while it’s geared towards younger children even my older children love this one it had them entertained for a long time, and it can be hard for a toy to catch their attention, but they love playing with this and laughing together!

You can buy the LOL Elmo on or in retailers like Target and Walmart.

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Furby is Back! This popular toy is making a come back this year and it’s great for kids. Fruby Responds to your voice and to music, you can pet Furby’s Head or Tickle it’s Tummy, you can also feed Furby with your finger. There is also a Furby App that is optional and works with the iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone.

What I love: I think Furby is a little bit of a novelty from the past, if you were a part of the Furby Craze growing up then this is a fun item to introduce to your kids, plus all the great colors mean each kid can have their very own Furby Pet.

You can purchase Furby at Walmart, Target or online at

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My Little Pony Twilight Sparkle RC Car

The My Little Pony Twilight Sparkle RC Car is a Radio Controlled Car for little girls, You can drive your My Little Pony Around the house with this remote and up to 2 ponies can ride at a time! This vehicle comes with a Remote Control, a Pony Figure and the R/C Car. It’s targeted at Ages 3 and up.

What I love: My little girl loves playing with my Son’s R/C Cars and now she has one of her own. She loves My Little Pony and carries them everywhere so this is the perfect combination of pretend play and R/C Fun. The only problem is my Son loves it too ;)

You can purchase the My Little Pony Twilight Sparkle RC Car at Target, Walmart or

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Littlest Pet Shop Fairies


The Littlest Pet Shop Fairies are adorable pets that you can collect, these brightly colored fairies come with a tiny ant friends.

What I love: These Littlest Pet Shop fairies are very reasonably priced and great for stocking stuffers or giving as gifts. They come in a lot of different colors and are great for collecting.

You can purchase the Littlest Pet Shop Fairies on or at most Major Retailers.

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Gund Brooklyn 17″ Plush Doll

This Brooklyn Plush Doll by Gund is So Soft and Perfect for Collecting or Playing, You can find these Gund Dolls in several different Designs but I thought this one was adorable!

What I love: These Gund Dolls are so soft and they are very reasonably priced, they are 17″ Toll so they are perfect for Tea-Parties, Riding in Strollers and more. These are surface Washable and extremely huggable (Is that a word?). If you have a little one who is into dolls make sure you give these a try.

You can purchase the Gund Brooklyn 17″ Plush Doll on

Gund 17″ Brooklyn Plush Doll Go

Gund Peek A Boo Bear with Animated Voice

When you press Peek A Boo Bear’s foot to play the bear will interact with you, the arms move up and down and the bear speaks 4 random phrases. This is all in the loveable softness of a Gund Bear.

What I love: This bear is so soft, it’s adorable and perfect for little ones, plus this bear will raise and lower it’s blanket to play peek-a-boo when you press the button in the foot, it’s adorable and a great Christmas gift for little ones.

You can purchase the Gund Peek-A-Boo Bear on

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All About Baby Crib & Highchair

The All About Baby Cozy Crib and Highchair are the perfect doll accessories for any little girl, these are made of sturdy wood and are easy to assemble, they are great for pretend play with any of your favorite dolls.

What I love: I can still remember the wooden crib I had for my dolls when I was little, it was a piece I played with over and over again. My little girl loves her dolls and these 2 classic pieces are great in her room and they are so much more durable than the plastic and cloth pieces we have purchased in the past.

You can purchase the All About Baby Crib & Highchair from Small World Toys.

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Sweet Stripes Merry Mint Pup

The Build a Bear Winter Friends Collection is a great set of Holiday Themed Gift Ideas. The Sweet Stripes Merry Mint Pup can be dressed up in red stripes and dots dress with red stripes flats and bows. The bone is also scented like the holidays.

What I love: My kids love Build a Bear, they love making their own Build a Bear Items, but they also still carry around the Build a Bear Gifts I purchased for them last year! This new Sweet Stripes collection would make a great gift for little girls or there are also some great winter friends for little boys as well!

You can purchase the Sweet Stripes Merry Mint Pup at or at your local Build a Bear Store.

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Just Dance Disney Party

Just Dance Disney Party combines the fun of Just Dance with some of your favorite Disney Movie Songs and Disney Channel TV Shows. This is available for the Wii or Xbox 360 and it contains 25 new dances and choreographies. You can also play as a team or play against each other for non stop fun!

What I love: I’ve been a huge fan of the just dance games since they first came out, I love that this one is perfect for my kids, it’s songs they know and love and simpler moves that makes it easy for us to play as a family. Also, this is a great way to get kids up off the couch and moving during the winter months.

You can purchase the Just Dance Disney Party Game on and at Retailers Nationwide.

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