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Gift Ideas for Men

Gift Ideas for Men

Wits & Wagers

Wits & Wagers

Wits & Wagers is a Party game that gets everyone involved! It mixes Trivia and Vegas Style Betting to create hours of Fun for groups of any size. You can play with 4-20 players and typically this game is good for people ages 10 and above! You can bet on your guess, bet on your guess, a friends guess, take a lucky guess and more! Wits & Wagers has won more awards than any other party game!

What I love: My husband instantly pulled out this game and decided we should try it. I love that you don’t have to know anything to play, I’m not normally a trivia person so the fact that I can bet on someone Else’s guess is fun! I also love that you can play with any number of people. We are planning on taking this with us to Family Holiday Events because it’s a fun game that everyone can play all together.

You can Buy Wits & Wagers on or any Target or Toys R Us Location!

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Nanoblocks are Micro Sized Building Blocks that let you build with the finest details like never before. You can collect and build the individual sets or you can create your own creations from multiple sets. These 3D Works of Art fit in the palm of your hand and are perfect for display on Work Spaces and more.

What I love: Nanoblocks remind me of building blocks I had when I was a kid, only these are perfect for adults that want a little more detail to their creations. My husband loved putting these together,  You could see his inner child coming out! Also, I love that these are priced very reasonably so they are great for Stocking Stuffers or gifts for Co-Workers.

You can purchase Nanoblock Sets on

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Energizer Instant Charger

The Energizer Instant Charger is available in 2 models. You can get one for the iPhone or choose a Micro USB Device that works with most common phone types. This is powered by Replaceable AA Batteries for Instant Use, it will charge a phone from dead and it’s convenient portable design makes it great for charging a dead phone on the go.

What I love: This summer we were in New York and our phones kept dying by the middle of the day, with the Energizer Instant Charger you can have a backup power source with you when you’re on the go and you know you will be using a lot of battery power. You can charge your phone from dead with this portable device so it’s great for family members who travel a lot or who use their phones all the time.

You can purchase the Energizer Instant Charger on

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Carbonite Home is $59 per year for unlimited backup space, and automatically backs up the important files on your computer whenever you are connected to the internet. Subscriptions can be purchased directly from their website, or at Staples retail stores. Carbonite automatically protects your files securely in the cloud, so they’re safe, no matter what happens to your computer.

What I love: We just recently started using Carbonite, I have been worried for a long time my computer would crash and I would loose everything so I like the security that Carbonite Backup provides. And With the new free Carbonite Mobile app (available for iOS and Android) You can view your photos and videos on your mobile devices.

You can Purchase Carbonite from the website or at Staples Retail Stores.

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AquaGear Filter Water Bottle

The AquaGear Tap Filter Bottle is a reusable Water Bottle with a Built In Filter. The filter attaches to the straw cap and removes contaminates from tap water when you’re on the go.

What I love: I drink a lot of Water and Bottled Water is expensive so normally I drink Filtered Water from my Fridge, but that’s hard to find when you’re out running errands or at the gym. This Filtered bottle lets you have Filtered Water on the go, so you can just throw it in your workout bag or car and have filtered water wherever you are.

You can purchase the AquaGear Filtered Water Bottle Online.

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TLC200 Time Lapse Camera

The Brinno Time Lapse Camera is perfect for any Photographer. You can capture life’s moments with an adjustable time interval option. That means you can take photos as close together as 1 second or as far apart as 24 hours. So you can capture your progress on your next DIY project and when you’re finished you can put them all together in a quick movie-like project.

What I love: My husband loves to build projects and snap photos as he goes, he’s also always into the latest technology, etc. This camera allows you to capture all of life’s moments as they happen and then put it all together easily. It’s a fun way to share your projects with Friends and Family Members online.

You can buy the Brinno Time Lapse Camera Online.

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