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Harps Coupon Policy

Harps Coupon Policy

The Harps Coupon Policy states that you can use 2 like coupons and 1 coupon per item. The best way to save at Harps is by coupon doubles! They will double coupons up to $0.50 and you are allowed 20 doubled coupons per family per visit per day. They will not  give cash back if your coupon values exceed the price of an item, so you cannot get overages but you can get things free with coupons.

Harps does not accept Competitor’s Coupons and all coupons that do not scan will not be accepted according to the Harps Coupon Policy. They do accept coupons for Buy 1, Get 1 Free items but not coupons for free items that do not require a purchase. Another important thing to remember about shopping at Harps is that they do accept coupons when the value of the coupon exceeds 60% of the item’s price.

We recommend printing out the Harps Coupon Policy for your shopping trips to make the check out process easier for you and the cashier in case any issues come up!

At Harps we know how important it is for you to maximize every dollar you spend with us. Coupons are a big part of that. For your convenience we have outlined our policies below.

Manufacturer’s Coupons:

Limit 2 “like” coupons

1 coupon per item

Limit of 20 doubled coupons per family, per visit, per day.

Store associates are not responsible for the sequence in which the coupons scanned.

We cannot give cash back if the face value of a coupon is greater than the purchase value of the item. This balance of the coupon cannot be used towards the remaining balance of the transaction.

We cannot accept coupons from other retailers, or coupons for products not carried in our stores.

Internet Coupon Policy:

We will not accept internet coupons for $5.00 or more.
We will not accept internet coupons that do not scan or that appear altered in any way. They must have a bar code that will scan.
We will not accept internet coupons for “free” items, but will accept them for “buy one-get one free” items.
We will not accept internet coupons whose value exceeds 60% of the price of the item.

Digital Coupon Policy: 

Customers choosing to participate in the digital coupons are required to have an active online account with a valid 10-digit identifier and a 4-digit PIN. Please note that the digital coupons are not available in all locations. See stores for details.

Digital Coupons and offers are deducted from a customer purchase prior to paper coupons or any other discounts and cannot be added back or removed once identifier has been entered.

Digital offers cannot be combined with manufacturer paper/internet coupons on the purchase of a single item.

Limit one use each per digital coupon per transaction. (Each digital coupon may only be used once in a singe transaction.)

Digital Coupons are not subject to doubling.

Digital Coupons are limited to coupons “flagged” on

Harps reserves the right to refuse any coupon or limit quantities. Additional information available at your local store.

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