Have you been wondering how to change your zip code in Coupons.com since the newest 2013 update?

The problem has been that you could change your local zip code but it wouldn’t “Stick” so it would constantly revert back and I was having a hard time finding a simple solution for you. I have finally come across a way that allows you to change your zip code that’s quick and easy! I’m not sure how long this method will work, but for now it seems to be working for me :)


I would suggest picking one of the main zip codes (90210, 77477, 30303, 12345) Something that normally has the majority of regional coupons and changing to that for now, just in case this link doesn’t work much longer.

How to change your Zip Code in Coupons.com

  1. Click Here to go to the Bayer Coupon Page, there aren’t any coupons listed but it does give you the ability to change your zip code.
  2. Change Your Zip Code on the Bayer Site and click the Arrow Button.
  3. Now go to Coupons.com and Look under the “Local” Tab. You should see the Zip Code has updated to the zip code you put in the Bayer Site!!!


So that’s the easiest Way I have found so far to change your zip code, I know this is confusing because Coupons.com keeps changing, I really don’t have any control over what they do to their website, but I will try to keep you updated on the best ways to navigate the site.

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