Clean your Baseboards

Cleaning baseboards is something that I like to do often, because they seem to always look dirty. ¬†I use the word “like” because I “like” to have them clean, but I actually “hate” to clean my baseboards. ¬†So when I heard of an idea that would not only clean your baseboards, but do it less often, I was ready to try it out.

I just don’t think the room looks clean until the baseboards are done. ¬†Dust and pet hair tend to gather at the baseboards as well as on the floor. ¬†Though you may sweep your floors daily, you generally will not get down on hands and knees to wipe down baseboards on a daily basis. ¬†It is generally a once a week or once a month job for most.

But there is a way to clean your baseboards and also coat them at the same time so they do not attract dust and pet hair so quickly.  The secret weapon is something you probably already have in your house.  Dryer sheets!

Just grab a new or slightly used dryer sheet and wipe down the baseboards to remove the dust, pet hair, and anything else that has gathered there since the last cleaning. ¬†Since they are meant to get rid of static, those properties can coat the baseboards after a wipe down and actually repel dust and pet hair. ¬†This will allow you to do this job much less. ¬†Something I love to hear. ¬†Any household cleaning job that I don’t need to do as often, I’m all over that!

If you have a Swiffer or something similar, you can actually attach the dryer sheet to the bottom and wipe it along the baseboards. ¬†You won’t even have to get down on hands and knees for this job anymore.

Depends on who you ask, you should use a new dryer sheet versus one that has gone through the dryer.  But I always try to reuse my dryer sheets for this purpose.  You may need more than one but because you should only have to do this every other month or so, you can be saving your dryer sheets to use just for this purpose.  Just have a little basket (or this is a perfect way to reuse a plastic wipe container) next to the dryer, and whenever you pull out your clothes, snatch up the dryer sheet and add to the container to be used for cleaning baseboards later.

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