How to Make Bread Flour

If you don’t make bread often, you may not want to buy large bags of bread flour just to have them sitting around.  Or you may find that making your own bread flour is less expensive than buying regular bread flour.  Of you may just be making a large batch of bread one day and find yourself a little short.  Either way, keep reading to find out how to make bread flour from all-purpose flour by just adding one ingredient.

The main difference between the all-purpose and bread flour is the amount of gluten.

Bread flour has more gluten and all-purpose flour. So making bread flour is as easy as adding some wheat gluten to your all-purpose flour.

To make bread flour: simply add one tablespoon of wheat gluten for every cup of all-purpose flour.

Stir until the flour and gluten are thoroughly mixed.  You now have bread flour.

I love when there are simple substitutions for something you use regularly in the kitchen.  Or for that matter something you don’t use often so you would rather not buy an entire container of something.