how to make diaper cream

Homemade Diaper rash cream is a necessity when you have a little one. No mater what kind of diapers you use, at some point a rash is likely to form. Diaper rash cream can be very expensive, and you never really know what is in it. Like most things, it is nice to be able to make it yourself so you know exactly what is in there and what you are putting on your little one’s bottom.

Homemade Diaper Rash Cream

What You Need:

1/2 cup shea butter
1/4 cup coconut oil
2 tbsp. beeswax

What You Do:

1) Melt the ingredients together in a sauce pan.

2) Remove from heat and allow to cool completely

3) Use a Mixer to beat together until smooth & creamy

3) Pour mixture into a glass jar or some kind of container with a lid. The cream will thicken a little more as it cools.

Coconut oil just by itself, can do wonders for diaper rash. But add the shea butter to keep the skin smooth and it also has anti-fungal properties. The beeswax will keep it all together and form it into a cream.

You won’t need a ton of this cream with each use. So start small and add a little more if it doesn’t cover the entire area.This could also make a cute baby gift. Make up a batch of homemade Diaper Rash Cream and put in a cute jar with a label. Add it to a gift basket filled with diapers and other baby necessities. Super cute!

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how to make diaper rash cream