Today I’m going to talk about How To Organize Coupons. If you’re new to the Savings 101 Series then make sure you check out All the Previous Posts on How to Save Money. You can also register for my Free Online Coupon Class and walk through all of the online lessons to get started quickly.

Today I want to cover several methods for Organizing Coupons. I’m going to start with one of the most popular methods which would be the Binder System. To Create a Coupon Binder you would need the following items most of which you probably have around your house:

  • 2″ Plastic Binder (You can use a 1″ but I found I outgrew the 1″ really fast, a 2″ worked well for me)
  • Plastic Pocket Tab Dividers
  • Plastic Trading Card Sleeves to hold your newspaper insert coupons
  • 3 Pocket Page Protectors – My Favorite for Holding Internet Coupons.
  • Sharpie Marker

Print out the Table of Contents Pages from the Downloads Page. This will give you a good start for which categories you need and how to organize your binder.

Label your Dividers with the Main Categories

Label Plastic Sleeves with Sub Gategories

Use the Content Pages behind each Divider

Clip Your Coupons and Insert on the Correct Pages

If you want to Purchase a Binder Organization System then my favorite is The Coupon Clutch, it includes everything you need to get started!

Another Great Organization Method is the Coupon Box. This works on the same principle as the Category Binder System. You just use tab dividers to keep coupons organized and easy to find. Here’s what you would need to create a coupon box:

Use the Coupon Categories Checklist as a guide line to label your dividers. This should help you cover all areas of the store. File Coupons in the correct category and you’re ready to go!

If you are looking for a Coupon Box to purchase I highly recommend the My Coupon Keeper System. This is what I currently use and it’s So easy and convenient.

The Clip-less Insert Method is another great way to stay organized and not have to spend any time clipping coupons. Here’s what you will need:

  • File Folder Storage Box (You can often get these Free after Rewards at Office Max or Office Depot)
  • Folders
  • Sharpie Marker

Label a Folder Each Sunday when you get your Newspaper coupons with that Sunday’s Date. You want your coupons labeled by the Date they were in the Paper because that’s how you’re going to be able to find them quickly.

You just Label the Folder and put the Coupons in the Folder each Sunday. When you need a specific Coupon for a Deal then you can quickly go to the Date the Coupon was in the insert and find the coupon you are looking for. For more information on how to understand Insert Coupons Check out this post.

My Current Organization System:

I am often asked how I personally organize my coupons. I have always used a combination of Organization Methods. Until recently I was a “Binder Girl” I had Categories and tried to keep most coupons that I would use with me at all times. Recently I switched to the My Coupon Keeper System and it’s been awesome! I actually have my coupons organized alphabetically which is so much faster to me when I’m in a store or filing them at home. All I have to think is Oh Campbell’s Soup. File it in “C” and then when I’m in the store if I see a sale on Campbell’s Soup I can grab the coupons in “C” and flip through them. It’s such a time saver for me.

I also use the Clip-less system meaning that I don’t clip every coupon. I only cut out what I know I will use and then I file everything else. Then if a Hot Sale comes up at Walgreens I can grab the coupons I need quickly. This combination has been working well for me, but I would love to know how you organize your coupons and what works for you! Leave a comment and let me know.

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