How to Save Money

So often I have Friends and Family Members comment that they want to learn How to Save Money but they don’t find coupons on Produce or other Items they are buying so they feel like it’s not worth their time. And while we do occasionally see a rare produce coupon they are few and far between, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t save money on Produce. In fact, I often save around 50% on my Produce just by doing something Very, Very Simple!

The #1 Thing I tell people who Want to Cut Back their Grocery Budgets is to Start with Price Matching! And Price Matching Produce is one of the BEST ways to save 30-50% on Produce Prices on a weekly basis!

We all know that saving money is a slow and steady process, it’s not about getting one big haul of $2,000 in Products for $5 then spending $300 the next week. For me, it’s about seeing that bottom line come down on a weekly budget so we can reduce our Grocery Budget and have more money to spend on things we want or other items that we need.

Walmart is one of the easiest stores to price match at, All you have to do is show them the ad and they will price match all produce prices of local competitors. This is super simple and a great way to get all the best prices from around town in one place saving you both time and money!

The Produce Strategy:

Remember, most stores offer a few great produce prices as “Loss Leaders” to get you in the store, then they make their money on all the other items they sell you.

Our goal is to get all of the lowest prices from around town without having to drive around

By price matching produce from multiple stores you can get all the items you need at the lowest prices

By Shopping In Season you can avoid paying artificially high out of season prices  – My kids love Fruit but they always eat what’s on sale, they probably haven’t had Strawberries in 3 months, but they love Apples and Oranges so that’s what we are eating a lot of right now

Also, remember that you can get Rainchecks at your Local Grocery Store for Produce, so if they are out of an item on sale, ask for a raincheck and you can get that item later on for the same low price.

Here’s An Example:

This week Aldi’s has Oranges on Sale for $1.48 for a 4 lb. Bag of Oranges, Walmart had these same 4 lb. Bags of Oranges for $3.88
I Saved around 60% by Price Matching!

Pinapples were $2.99 at Walmart this week and Aldi’s Had them on sale for $0.99
That’s a savings of around 66% by Price Matching!

Walmart had Bananas for $0.54 per pound and Aldi’s had them for $0.44 a pound
That’s a savings of 20% by Price Matching!

I was able to grab all 3 of these deals in one place and I saved on average 50% on my produce by grabbing these three deals! I also do the same thing with Vegetables and items like Potatoes, Lettuce, and More!

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