I noticed this week that Target had a lot of great Toys on sale and that when I made it to the store most of these toys were sold out and had Raincheck Tags next to them. I also noticed something else that can work to your advantage and I wanted to mention this because it’s been a while since I talked about Instant Substitutes.


When an Advertised item at Target Sells Out you can typically get a Rain Check. (unless this is noted as no rain-checks in the weekly ad)

Most Target Rain Checks also allow for a Substitution.

Here’s how you substitute a product at Target

  1. Tear off the “Rain-check” Tag located in the place of the item on the shelf
  2. Pick up a “Similar” Item and take it to check out with you
  3. Do your first transaction and hand them the rain-check ticket and ask for a rain-check. This will print after your purchase
  4. On the second transaction hand them the Substitute Item and the Rain Check
  5. Tell the cashier you want to see if the item qualifies for substitution
  6. Have them scan the item and the rain-check tag
  7. If the item qualifies for Substitution you’ll see the price adjust automatically when they scan the raincheck :)

It’s hard to know what will qualify for a Substitution but it’s a great way to save money when you find items out of stock! You can also typically still use a coupon on the item that you substituted since that coupon will be reimbursed by the manufacturer so that’s An Awesome way to do a little Extreme Couponing by Combine Substitutions and Coupons :)

And don’t forget you can grab a second rain-check ticket to use on a future purchase when the item comes back in stock!

Another thing you will find is Instant Substitutes, This is when Target knows an item is out of stock and they mark down a similar item to the same price.

This week I found the Dizzy Dancers on Instant Substitute at Target for just $7.35! The best part is there is a $3/1 Dizzy Dancers coupon for this item available right now making these just $4.35 each!

So keep your eyes open over the next few month for Rain Checks and Instant Substitutes at Target these are both great ways to save money!

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