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Macey’s Coupon Policy

Macey's Coupon Policy

Find the official Macey’s Coupon Policy so that you can shop easier at your local Macey’s Store! Something to remember about shopping at Macey’s Stores is that they have Macey’s Scan Down Coupons that you will find each week in the Macey’s Weekly Ad which comes out every Monday! They also will accept Associated Food Stores Coupons and other Manufacturer’s Coupons as long they have a valid bar code and are within their expiration date. They will take online coupons as long as they are legitimate Manufacturer’s Coupons!

They do not take coupons for Free items that do not require a purchase but they will accept coupons for Buy 1, Get 1 Free Items.

I recommend printing off the Macey’s Coupon Policy and taking it with you at the store to make your couponing a little easier at checkout!

Question: What is our coupon policy?
Answer: Store Coupons accepted: Scan Down coupons located in the ad, Discount coupons placed on product, Soda pop bottle caps and Promotional coupons from a community calendar, radio advertisement, community event, Kids Club, etc. Manufacture Coupons accepted: Manufacture coupons located in the ad or on product, Internet coupons and Other coupons collected from newspapers, magazines, etc.

Question: Do we take online coupons?
Answer: Yes we do with the exception of coupons for FREE product. In addition we require the coupon include an expiration date, remit address and scannable barcode. ARS reserves the right to deny any internet coupon.

Question: How do I request a new item?
Answer: A new item can be requested by contacting store personal by email or by phone. Not all items are available to us, but we will do our best to find the item or a reasonable alternative.

Question: Do you have a list of gluten free items?
Answer: We don’t have a complete list of gluten free items because we are always adding and subtracting. However, our suppliers have a significant variety of items that we can bring in upon request. Most of the popular brands and varieties of products are available to us.

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