Make Your Own Hair Detangler

Make Your Own Hair Detangler

If you have a child with long hair, or even short unruly hair, you are likely going through tons of hair detangling spray. Not something we often see great sales on. Hair conditioner, however, we find on sale all the time. Many times for $0.50 or less per bottle.

If you find yourself going through lots of detangler, you may want to try to make some yourself. It’s so easy and will save you a ton of money.

Here is how you can Make Your Own Hair Detangler:

What you need:

Hair Conditioner
Empty Spray Bottle

What to do:

Combine about 2 Tablespoons of conditioner per 8oz of water. You can use more or less depending on your results.

You can add the mixture to any spray bottle. You can even use an empty hair detangling spray pump bottle. Just rinse it out and you’re good to go.

This is a great way to save money on something you may use every day! I love finding homemade solutions to an every day item that is so easy to make!

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