I have gotten a lot of questions lately asking me to explain Swagbucks so I thought I would give you the basics of how you can use Swagbucks to earn Amazon.com Gift Cards.

Swagbucks is an Online Search Engine just like Google, Yahoo or Bing.com. You win “Swagbucks” Randomly by doing your searches on Swagbucks.com rather than on Google.com. When you have 450 Swagbucks you can redeem them for a $5 Amazon Gift Card!

Here’s how to Earn Swagbucks:

  1. Sign Up for Swagbucks Here – You will get 30 Free Swagbucks in your account Just for Signing Up
  2. Visit Swagbucks.com and Type your Search Terms in the Search Bar Just Like You would with Google (Tip: Try Searching for sites you were already planning on going to. You could search for “Passion For Savings” or “Sephora.com” or another site you visit frequently)
  3. You won’t win on every search but typically within the first 5 searches each day I win!!! A picture of a Swagbuck will pop up and let you know how many Swagbucks you won. Typically anywhere from 5-15 in a search.
  4. There’s nothing you have to do. As long as you are logged in to Swagbucks these are automatically added to your account. The image just comes up to tell you that you have won.
  5. When you get 450 Swagbucks You Can Redeem Your Swagbucks for a $5 Amazon.com Gift Card!

How to Redeem Swagbucks for Gift Cards:

I always find that A lot of people have been earning Swagbucks but haven’t ever figured out how to redeem them. Here’s a step by step guide.

  • Log in to your Swagbucks Account
  • The Top Left Link on Swagbucks.com is for the Swag Store. Click on the Swag Store Link.
  • Click on Gift Cards and Reward Cards
  • Look for the $5 Amazon.com Gift Card and Click on the Image
  • Click on “Snag This” and Enter your Mailing Address
  • Confirm the Email They Send You – This is important or they will refund your Swagbucks and they won’t fulfill Your Order.
  • About 15 Days Later you will get an email letting you know your Gift Card is In Your Account.
  • Log on to Amazon.com and enter your Gift Card Number under “My Account” “View Manage Gift Card Balance”

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