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Raley’s Coupon Policy

Raley's Coupon Policy

The Raley’s Coupon Policy has a few key elements that you will want to remember when you shop at Raley’s Stores. They have a very short coupon acceptance policy but there are some good things to consider in their short publication.

Raley’s will accept Raley’s Store Coupons, Manufacturer’s Coupons, and e-coupons that you can find on their website. You are allowed to stack one Manufacturer’s Coupon and one Raley’s Coupon to get the lowest price. If the value of the coupons exceeds the price of the item, the item’s final price will be adjusted to free and they will not give overages or cash back. They do not accept competitor’s coupons and your coupon must be for the exact item that you are buying. Raley’s does not double or triple coupons

In the weekly Raley’s Ad you will find your Raley’s Store Coupons and often these will be for free items when you make a purchase of $20 so make sure you are looking out for those!

We always recommend that you print out this Raley’s Coupon Policy in order to keep from having any issues when you use coupons at the register.

Raley’s stores currently accept company coupons, manufacturer coupons and coupons printed from the internet. We also accept manufacturers’ coupon in addition to our store coupon for the same item as long as the combined amount of the coupons do not exceed the value of the item. We cannot give cash back if the combined coupons would be higher than the retail of the item. However, we do not accept competitor’s coupons, expired coupons, coupons for product sizes or flavors that our stores do not carry or coupons that are for more than the value of the item. We currently do not support double-the-coupon value promotions. We make every effort to keep coupon items stocked on our shelves. Coupon offers are good for supply on hand and may not be available at all store locations.

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