I am always looking for fun (and simple) ways to make a Holiday, Party or Birthday just a little bit more special and this DIY Fruit Bowls are so simple and perfect for your Summer Celebrations!


All you need is Watermelon and your favorite cookie cutter. You could use a Mickey Mouse Cookie Cutter, a Star, Diamond or any shape that you would like, I just think the Star was perfect for Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day.

Slice Your Watermelon about 3/4″ Thick (Slightly thinner than whatever Cookie Cutter You are Using)

Lay the Watermelon Slices Flat on a Cutting Board and Cut the Shapes Out of the Center.

I normally have 2 bowls. One for the Cookie Cutter  Pieces and one for the scraps, Then we can eat all the leftover odd shapes and save the Festive Shapes for a Party!

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