Swagbucks Swag Codes

Yay! Swagbucks is Celebrating Memorial day all week long! Make sure you are searching this week If You win all 4 of the Swagbuck Collector’s Bills (Looks like the one above) Then you will automatically get 20 bonus swagbucks in your account!

New Swagbucks Members can Sign Up with Swagbucks and get 30 Swagbucks just for signing up + 50 Swagbucks when you use the code MEMORIALDAY on the second page at Sign Up!

40 Free Swagbucks Codes in the Swagcode Extravaganza Today!!!!

Today there will be a Swag Code Extravaganza going on and Swagbucks will be giving out over 40 Swagbucks in Codes at some point during the day so make sure you “Like” Passion For Savings on Facebook to keep up with all the fun!

Where to Find Swagbucks Codes

I thought this would be a great time to cover Where to Find Swagbucks Codes. Basically a swag Code is a String of text that you can apply to your account for instant FREE Swagbucks!!!

Follow the Swagbucks Blog for Updates several times a day. Often they post clues on the blog to where Swagbucks are hidden, Follow the clues and when you find a swagcode you can copy and paste it in to the homepage to redeem it. A Swagcode is a string of text it would look something like “ghs#WkksE35saR” it’s very random looking sometimes so I think it helps to know what you’re looking for. Sometimes they do look like words or have words in them but it’s always a long string of text or numbers and text.

Grab the Swagbucks Widget and there is a tab that will tell you if there is a Swagbucks Code available or not. You just click on “SC” on the bottom of the widget and it will let you know if there is a code on the blog, a code on twitter, or that no code is available right now. It’s the fastest way to check and see if there is a swagcode available.

Download the Toolbar because you can get Messages on your toolbar from the Swag Guy with special codes just for you!

“Like” Swagbucks on Facebook – They often give out codes to their fans and these will show up right in your newsfeed. Just remember that codes are time sensitive so they can expire in a few minutes or hours sometimes if you find one don’t wait to put it in, I would copy and paste it in to the homepage right away!

Follow Swagbucks on Twitter – You can also grab codes on Twitter, they will also let you know if a swag code hunt is going on, or maybe hint that you should check out the Facebook Page. Just another way to stay on top of where all the free swag codes are.

You can also “Like” Passion For Savings on Facebook for updates on our Facebook Page when a Swag Code is available.

Where to Redeem Your Swag Code

Once you find a Swag Code I recommend Copying the Swag Code exactly as it’s shown because Swag Codes are always Case Sensitive. Then go to the Swagbucks.com Home Page and Paste in Your Code in the box that says “Enter your Swag Code” and click the Gimme Button. You will see a message letting you know that it’s been added to your account or if it’s expired.

Join Today

Remember This Week is one of the best times to Join Swagbucks, Normally you get 30 Swagbucks for Signing Up and this week you can get 80 when you Sign Up with Swagbucks and get 30 Swagbucks just for signing up + 50 Swagbucks when you use the code MEMORIALDAY on the second page at Sign Up!

And if you’re new to Swagbucks check out Swagbucks 101 or my post on A Beginners Guide to Earning Money with Swagbucks.