Target Cartwheel

Target just released a new Savings Program called Target Cartwheel. Right now this program is still in beta testing but I wanted to give you a few details on how this program works!

You can Join Target Cartwheel Here to get started!

What I love about this program is that it lets you pick the savings you want. You can choose the items you are needing and grab coupons and savings on those items, so it’s like customizing your own coupons!

You can also stack Target Cartwheel Coupons with the Target Store Coupons and Target Manufacturer Coupons! That means Triple the savings!

Here are a few Things You Need to Know to Get Started –

– Start by Logging In to Target Cartwheel
You can do this via Facebook. If you don’t have a Facebook Account you can create one, but Cartwheel is designed around the experience of sharing savings with your Friends so you will need an account to access these coupons. If you don’t have a Facebook Account and you don’t want to create one you can still Print Target Coupons here.

– Add Offers to your Cartwheel
It’s super easy to Add Offers to your Cartwheel, just browse the offers on your homepage or your friends pages and you can click the offer and select the Add Button. You’ll see a tally at the top of your page letting you know how many offers you have added so far.

– Redeeming your Cartwheel Offers
Once you have added your favorite deals to your Cartwheel you can choose to print your cartwheel page and take the bar-code to your local Target Store where they can scan the printed page, or you can use your mobile device to access the bar code in stores. The Cashier just needs to scan the bar code and the discounts will be applied automatically.

– Using Cartwheel Offers Online
Right now there is no way to use Cartwheel Offers online, these are only available in stores but I’m hoping it won’t be long before they make these available online as well.

– How to Add More Than 10 Cartwheel Offers
Every user starts with 10 Cartwheel Spots, that means you can automatically claim 10 free offers. After that you can earn additional spots by earning badges, sharing with friends and more!

– Limited Number of Offers Available
There are a limited number of offers available for each Cartwheel so make sure you use your savings quickly or they may expire or reach the limit before you get a chance to redeem them.

– Limited Number of Cartwheel Transactions Per Day
Currently you can only do 6 Cartwheel Transactions per Day Per account. Each Cartwheel may be used for up to a maximum of 4 qualifying items per transaction. I haven’t tested this but I believe that means a 5% offer would apply to up to 4 items per transaction.

As I mentioned this is a new program from Target so I expect to see some changes in the system before it’s rolled out and promoted heavily. I’ll try to keep you updated