Target Gift Card

Did you know that Target Gift Cards have a Minimum Purchase Requirement? That’s right, there’s a Minimum $5 Purchase Requirement for a Gift Card Offer to trigger the Gift Card at Checkout.

This isn’t normally a noticeable issue because most gift card offers include products priced around $3 or higher so you are normally at the $5 Minimum (Before Coupons) Without any problems. However there are a few examples where you might find items priced at really low prices included in gift card offers and in those cases it’s a good idea to be aware of the minimums.

Here’s an example. The Up&Up Toothbrushes are priced at $1.25 each and included in a Buy 3 Get a $5 Target Gift Card Offer.

The problem is that if you purchased 3 of the $1.25 Products your gift card wouldn’t prompt at Checkout. I’m sure some of you have run into this issue in the past and you weren’t sure what the problem was. What happened in this case is that you didn’t meet the $5 Minimum Purchase Requirement for the offer.

In this situation the best idea is to look around for other higher priced items in the same gift card offer and mix and match to meet the minimum requirement for the offer.

One of the other items included in the Oral Care Gift Card Deal is Crest Toothpaste. This is priced at $3.49 so it is a great option for mixing with the toothbrushes to get to the minimum requirement.

Here’s how to work the deals:

Buy 2 – Up&Up Toothbrush Twin Packs, $1.25 Each
Buy 1 – Colgate Toothpaste, $3.49
Total Before Coupons = $5.99
Use a $1 Colgate Coupon and a $1 Target Coupon on the Colgate
Pay $3.99 and get a $5 Target Gift Card!

As you can see the total BEFORE coupons must be over $5, After coupons there is no minimum purchase requirement.

Like I mentioned at the beginning of this post, this doesn’t happen too often since most of the Gift Card Offers are for higher priced items, but it’s a good concept to be aware of especially if you run into problems at the checkout.

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